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Will the U.S. postal service become the department of telecommunication & information tech.?

Much as in the way there is a cabinet level for transportation,commerce,dept. of defence,homeland security;ect!?

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    Not likely. The Postmaster General was a cabinet level position from 1929-1971. It was often used or abused for acts of political patronage.

    Under the reform acts of 1971 and 2006, the postal service has become more independent. The USPS is mandated to be a 'break-even" quasi-federal organization. Major gains have been made in reducing costs through automation and now the cost of stamps is linked to the CPI.

    If a Department of Information Technology is established, the USPS would certainly be represented. However, it is very unlikely that the PMG would have a cabinet position again because of the diversity of interested parties, the history of the "spoils system" and the fact that the USPS is mandated to provide universal service.

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