what do you think of the American exchange student starved by host family in EGYPT?is this typical?

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    Its most definitely not typical and I think as many Egyptians would be as shocked by the situation as anyone else.

    As with all Arab and Mediterranean cultures the Egyptians take great pride in making sure a guest is fed.

    I have heard of instances were families have taken out loans just to have the means that will enable them to feed visiting relatives, so as not to be seen as loosing face.

    Which as we all know is a big part of the Egyptian psyche.

    I think in this situation with the student there has been a great breakdown in basic communication and the blame must ultimately lie with the agency.

    Although the student is hardly a little boy who couldn't speak up to to teacher, a friend,a counsellor or a representative of the exchange program about the situation.

    The program's workers should have been aware of any cultural traditions within the Coptic community that could impact on the student, and he should have been given proper orientation as a follow up.

    I am not sure why he would have found it necessary to steal food, as surely he was getting a weekly or monthly allowance from his parents for everyday expenses and to go to a movie etc with his friends on the weekends.

    It is unfortunate as it has reflected on Egyptians and their treatment of those in their care and the family unit in the international press.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm Not Christian So I Didn't Know About The Fasting For More Than 200 Days A Year But Not All Egyptians Are Like This Neither Coptic Christians Are To Be Blamed This Family In Particular Should BE Blamed

    And The Agency Should Have Told Him That The Family Is Fasting

    Now People Will Get A Bad Picture Of Egypt

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Apparently, the people in the host family were radical Christians--in the sense that they fast 200 days in a year. How can you spend half a year eating nothing/very little?

    ....That's why that poor boy went from a healthy weight to a mere 95 lbs. He also now has a higher disk for diseases since his body is so weak.

    Even though he's recovering, he'll probably be psychologically traumatized for the rest of his life. At least that's how I would be..

    The agency should have informed the American exchange student FULLY about the lifestyle of that family before shipping him over there and having him starve.

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    Thats terrible! But you know what, you can't blame the whole country of Egypt for what happened to this boy. The host family are the ones who need to be held responsible, and the agency that did the exchange too. Sad case, but the boy should have let his parents know. This is what we call exercising good judgment. Obviously, nobody did that.

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  • Hope
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    1 decade ago

    Hey there Tarre welcome back, u were missed here,

    I read the articles and saw the poor boy's picture and to me, this is a shock. First of all i have a lot of Coptic friends and yes they do fast 3 times a year, one of which is the long fast for 55 days continuous, during which they do not eat any animal protein, including fish. (But usually the food they eat is very fattening coz it includes a lot of carbohydrates from potatoes to lots of rice and macaroni and bread).

    But what amazed me in this story is that is sounded so abnormal, you see Egyptians if anything are not stingy when it comes to food. We are actually overeaters and we express our hospitably with large offerings of food to all our guests and the normal complain that is always heard by foreigners and Egyptians as well is that they are STUFFED from too much food presented to them and the way the hosts always insist that they eat and are actually offended when they refuse.

    One thing i don't understand though and i am not calling anybody a liar, as this is very sad situation for the boy, is he said he was given a cheese sandwich, and cheese is one of the things forbidden during their fast according to my knowledge, so if the family was already providing him with food that is not allowed why not meat and other proteins??

    I am really so sorry for him to have to go through this ordeal and i feel his family's pain but still, that is no where the norm or the general view for us Egyptians. It is actually the opposite.

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    I think that the agency that set up the exchange should have informed the family of the fact that the family he was going to be living with was fasting. I think the agency just didn't care.

  • te
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    4 years ago

    constructive. I stayed with 2 distinctive host families on an identical time as i grow to be overseas. they are going to in all probability welcome the prospect to coach their English and tutor you around. you will might desire to learn approximately French way of existence and the thank you to act properly of their domicile, yet they are going to be very keen to forgive your blunders while you're making an user-friendly attempt. while you at the instant are not doing an on the spot replace (ie a French pupil remains at your domicile for 2 weeks after which you reside at her domicile for 2 weeks) you will possibly desire to be very careful via fact the common of host families who host for earnings (that's amazingly consumer-friendly in France) varies notably. Any respected replace software will exhibit families, yet pupils working with for-earnings exchanges in many circumstances stay with adults whose toddlers have grown up and moved out or in different circumstances that is much less exciting and much less precious than an on the spot replace. i might additionally propose waiting until you recognize slightly extra French to do an replace. it particularly is an exceedingly problematical adventure to be thoroughly no longer able to speak and finally end up exhausted and/or lost in a distant places city. Odds are any toddlers (whether they're approximately your age) will talk English worse than you talk French. Wait until you may talk comfortably in French so which you would be able to get the main out of the adventure a risk.

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    i think that both parties are at fault here. the boy should have taken plenty of money, just in case that he might need to purchase what his host family could not give him. at the same time, the family he was staying with was obviously unable to provide him with the things he needed.

    seems funny, however, that this awful string of events have not deterred the student from traveling abroad in the upcoming summer.

  • Tarre

    Welcom back

  • GoVols
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    1 decade ago

    I think that everyone is over reacting.

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