What were the results of the case Brown v Board of Education and how did it relate to the 14th amendment?

please be detailed

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    The previous person clearly articulates the definition of both Brown v. Board of Education and the 14th Amendment. I will attempt to answer the results of the case as posed in your question. The results of said judicial decision and amendment changed the funding formula for public school systems that benefit from Federal and State funding. Previously the monies where subverted based on race, this could no longer be the case because the un-intended consequence to Pubilic Colleges and Universities would mean no more Federal funding. The ripple effect forced hospitals to abide by a similar premise or they too would lose Federal funding due to discrimination. The doors were swung open for a young Oprah Winfrey to go to school in the South and make something out of herself; and the rest is history.

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    Brown v. Board of Education was a reversal of the Plessy v. Ferguson decision. Brown v. Board declared that segregation was unconstitutional. This led to the desegregation of the South. African Americans began going to schools that were previously "whites only".

    The 14th amendment states: "No State shall... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. " In Plessy the Supreme Court said that as long as the separate facilities were equal segregation was Constitutional. In the Brown decision, the court decided that segregation was not giving blacks "equal protection" so it was unconstitutional.

    Source(s): My Brain Wikipedia-14th Amendment
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