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What does severed mineral rights mean on a Minnesota property tax statement?

I have 8 property tax statements for 40 arces each from Northern Minnesota (Iron range area) I was wondering what "severed mineral "rights meant? thanks

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    Severed mineral rights are very common on the Iron Range. When mineral rights are severed it means that you own the land surface and that someone else owns the rights to minerals beneath the surface. This does include the right to mine those minerals. This should be in the deed or title to the land also.

    The "someone else" who owns the mineral rights to your land could be a (mining) company, a private individual, or the State of Minnesota.

    The county auditor/treasurer or the county land records office should be able to help you find who owns the mineral rights if you are interested in finding that out.

    In 1896 the entire town of Hibbing moved because a company owned the mineral rights to the land underneath the town. A rich taconite/iron ore deposit was discovered under the town and the mining began. In more recent history if anyone mines for minerals and causes damage to the land surface owned by someone else, the courts have ordered the mineral rights owner to compensate the land surface owner.

    Some interesting info:

    Mineral Rights Ownership in Minnesota - from the MN DNR:

    The "Mineral Rights" section of this publication is good too.

    Public Land and Mineral Ownership in Minnesota:

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    One person owns the property... another person owns the rights to any minerals found on or under the property.

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