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Vagina hurts after rough sex?!!?

I just had sex and it was painful! i was really dry and it was really rough vagina hurts and i checked with a mirror and its red and looks swollen...what should i do??

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    First, if you didn't use a condom- pray you didn't get any STD's.

    Then, you just have to wait to heal up. Don't do anything.

    Next time, It's called KY Jelly and lots of it.

    If you are too embarrassed to go buy this stuff at Target, you shouldn't even be having sex.

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    Watch yourself sweetheart You can hurt alot more then you realize.. depending on how old your body is is how well youll be able to be lubercated correctly for the pleasure.. but seriously always make sure you have more then enough lubercation youll need ,,,your partner will appreciate it most all the time... and your body wont be hurting then or in the future and your vagina will not begin to show its wear in time either...and men that are into exciting full go sex, all know that if their big and youre smaller they know already that your tight and its just normal to use the best lubercant you can find and there really are some great ones too...Have fun, and enjoy alot and do it right, so you can continue for many pleasureable exciting years... and not be disappointed as you go..

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    You can injure your vagina just like any other body part. You likely did. If you are not bleeding, there is nothing the doctor can do. Now think, I don't know what you call rough sex, but if you get injured, it can not be good sex. Suggest you trying something else. If your BF insist upon hurting you, dump him. You do not hurt people you care about period.

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    Hard Sex Hurts

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    If it is the first time its expected to hurt. Make sure you give yourself time to heal. If it was just rough you need to make sure you are very moist to do that. You need to get a water based lube or make sure he gives you alot of stimulation to make sure you are very moist. You might want to soak in a hot bath for now and dont have sex for a few days because it just going to make it worse. You will be fine, well unless he had a std or you could get pregnant.

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    use a vaginal moisturizer, like vagisil. It will naturally go back to its normal state. Also, drink lots of water; the rough dry sex probably irritated your bladder, too.

    Use a water based lubricant next time...less friction!

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    5 years ago

    I rather not do rough sex. Sex does not have to be painful. Gentle and a little faster is better.

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    you should use lube even if you are not dry you are only swollen because you wernt wet try not going so hard the swelling should go down in a day or two don't worry you will be ok =]

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    not be so rough next time and use lube!! the swelling and resnedd should go down on its own, other wise put some suda crem on or something, vaseline is good to

    dont worry too much

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    If it was recently, it will probably go away after a couple hours.

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