Did bayer corp. ever appoligise?

Did you know that Bayer, the company that makes pain reliever... conducted experiments on the jews during W W II. Did they ever appoligise or make restitution?


Holocaust survivor sues Bayer over Nazi experiments. Charges Bayer paid Nazis for access to inmates.

From: Jerusalem Post

Date: February 19, 1999

Author: AP

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Jerusalem Post


TERRE HAUTE, Indiana - German pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG participated in World War II atrocities committed by Nazi doctors who experimented on Jews, according to a federal lawsuit filed by a Holocaust survivor.

Eva Mozes Kor filed the lawsuit Wednesday in US District Court in Terre Haute. Bayer paid Nazi officials for access to those confined in concentration camps and collaborated in Nazi experiments as a form of research and development, plaintiff's lawyer Irwin B. Levin said.

"It's impossible to put on a scale the various horrors of the Holocaust, but this case represents the worst example of individual and corporate evil that the legal system ...

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    Collaborating evidence, please? Links to articles? Please don't say it is common knowledge. Never heard this before.

    Edit: Decided to wiki this. Seems that Bayer's assets, trademarks, etc were confiscated by the US, Canada, and other countries after WWI. In Germany, Bayer was merged into IG Farben and it was this conglomerate that formed the financial core of the Nazi regime. After WWII, when the Allies split IG Farben for involvement in several war crimes, Bayer reappeared as an individual business again. Most of the controversy would seem to be that Fritz ter Meer bacame chairman of Bayer after serving seven years for war crimes. The fact that the official "history" of Bayer was changed in 1934 to exclude the actual discover of Bayer due to his Jewish origin would probably be strongly influenced by the political climate in Germany at that time.

    Although there is plenty of grey area in Bayer's history, it may be no better or worse than many an other corporation. The thing I think would be needing explanation and some contriteness on the part of Bayer, the corporation, is that they are still perpetuating the story that aspirin was an "Aryan" discovery by crediting one Felix Hoffman.

    I, for one, do not usually delve this deeply into the muck and mire of corporations. I wonder, as an American descendant of those attacked by their weapons, should I demand apology and restitution from the Nissan corporation of Japan?

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    Why is it important to you? My Uncle went up against Mitsubishi Zero's in the Pacific in WWII- should we ban Mitsubishi from doing business in the US?

    Things happen in wartime.

    It is over. Not the same people, and not the same company.

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    How do you know that. do you have any proof? there are alot of people that get experimented on. example prisoners should they get restitution?

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