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Attention fans of NFL teams needing a Quarterback?

Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson of the Cleveland Browns is a restricted free agent, and has just been tagged with the maximum tender. This means any team can make an offer for him, but the Browns have seven days to match it (which they will not do), or the team signing him must give up a first and third round pick to acquire him.

My question is, has there been any indication that your team has any interest in pursuing Derek Anderson? I do not believe there are any teams willing to give up their first and third pick plus give him a large contract (a la Matt Schaub), but John Clayton of ESPN called him a potentially "popular UFA." Any rumors or inside information out there that anyone wants to sign him?



Browns GM Phil Savage has said the Browns likely would not match any offer made to DA because it would be too high. If another team wants DA, they will likely offer him a 5-6 year contract, and Savage has made it quite clear that under no circumstances will they give DA more than a three year deal. He has also said in the past the the current Browns' offense is a "cockpit for success," meaning any decent quarterback could come in and put up big numbers. This, along with Quinn's progress is a pretty clear indication that they would not be too upset to see DA go if they could get the draft picks.

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    he will probably command a 1st and 3rd rounder from some team...there is always a shortage of quarterbacks in the nfl, hence they are in such high demand...a team will fall in love with him and give up the picks and the contract...matt schaub, the unproven backup got what anderson would require...anderson is young and coming off a pro bowl season, somebody will go get him

    i think the most likely suitor would be the minnesota vikings...they dont pick until the middle of the 1st round...they were a quarterback away from being a 10 or 11 win team last year...anderson is a 2-3 win improvement of jackson...

    bears may go after him if they are foolish...they blame their offensive shortcomings on poor qb play alone, but in reality, they lack the necessary firepower surrounding the qb...berrian(i know he is probably gone) was nothing but a deep threat, muhammad is old, benson has done nothing, o-line is old....the only thing that offense has is playmaking tight ends in olsen and clark.....they shouldnt go after anderson, but they might


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    Actually Dan L...Vegas Matt is correct.

    The Browns have put an offer on the table.... DA has NOT signed it, so they placed the maximum tender on him as a precaution. What that means, is they have the right to MATCH any offer... There are several teams with more cap space to devote than the Browns have, especially with all the defensive needs they have.

    What this that if they don't retain Anderson (and they have plenty of faith in Quinn), they gain their first round pick back, AND they get a third rounder also. That means that keep him or lose him, it's a win win situation for a club that realistically can't hope for better than .500 this season WHOEVER is behind Center (they play the NFC East and The AFC South...on top of 6 game in their own rather tough division)

    At midnight tonight, any team that is desireous can join the bidding war, If Savage and DA's camp have not reached an accord by then. Those are the facts.

    But... I could see teams such as Miami, SF, Chicago and Atlanta ALL looking to work a deal. Since they can't even approach him til midnight, the smart GMs are not likely to give the Browns any more warning than neccesary.

    The Best fit would be at Minnesota. They have a good D, a great O-line (Just ask All-Day Peterson), and really only need to look to their secondary and reciever corp to field a complete team. If they could land DA, Ty Law and maybe Berrian from the Bears, their draft board would be very simple and focused.

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    He wont be going anywhere. The terms of restricted free agency also stipulate that, even if you sign a contract with another team, your existing club (in this case the Browns) have exclusive right of first refusal.. .meaning they have the option to match any deal he is offered instead of letting him go.

    This is a tactic commonly used in one-year-wonder situations where negotiating a contract is difficult. You set your price and, if the player thinks he can get more, you let him test the waters...

    If he gets the money he wants, you just match the deal and suck it up that his market value was above what you speculated...

    If he doesnt, he comes back and plays under the restricted tender for a low price or signs the extension that couldnt be agreed upon previously, having now seen his true market value.

    Either way, you save yourself the trouble and acrimony associated with trying to hammer out a deal when both sides are essentially at a stand still.

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    lol. i am a browns fan and i hope he goes somewhere else too. 1st round pick vs DA I would want 1st round pick. He overthrows so many recievers and has thrown about 20 interception while expierencing absolutely no pressure at all. Not to mention he had another15 picks that were dropped because the DB was so suprised that he threw it right at him. Also quinn looked pretty good in the preseason.

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    i dont think any team is going to give up a 1st and 3rd for anderson. I'd look at the deal for schaub as a reference point. expect a team that is interested to work out a trade for anderson, most likely just a first rounder, but its seems like the browns want to keep anderson more than they are willing to trade him, so I expect anderson to be in a browns uniform next year.

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    wont happen the browns would be stupid not to resign him..

    they dont know if quinn is good enough to make it in the pros anyway..players who get thrown into the starting spot without 2 years at least on the bench usually don't produce (i.e. alex smith) he played a couple quarters against my niners' tired second string defense..not enough to prove anything

    they'll resign

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    Actually the Browns will sign him to a 3 year deal within a week. Get your facts straight buddy. They are nagotiating for a 3 year deal.

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    no but i will be pissed if the dolphins don't get a decent QB this season.

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    I can't see Chicago doing that

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