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Touch Screen on Tilt?

Can I use my finger to navigate through the touch screen on an AT and T Tilt, without using the stylus?

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    According to a CNET review that I found, AT&T does classify the Tilt as having a full touch screen: "The AT&T Tilt's touch screen measures 2.8 inches diagonally and shows off 65,536 colors at a 320x240 pixel resolution."

    The same review also says it comes with an extra stylus: "The AT&T Tilt comes packaged with an AC adapter, a USB cable, an extra stylus, a Getting Started CD, and reference material."

    Nowhere in the review does it say the touch screen can be used without a stylus. On the other hand, nowhere does it say a stylus MUST be used. If it's a true touch screen then a fingernail should be able to work the screen just as with other touch screen devices. But to make absolutely sure, you might want to contact AT&T customer service to get a definite answer:


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