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I want to get Guild Wars but...?

There is like 4 or 5 Products-

Guild Wars

Guild wars platinum



And Eye of the North

I want to play this game online, and I heard online is free :)

But which one do I get to play online and which ones are the "Expansiion Set?"

Which one will I have a better gaming experience?


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    Guild Wars: Prophercies is the first chapter: 4 character slots






    Guild Wars: Factions: 4 character slots



    Guild Wars: Nightfall 4 character slots



    All three listed are STAND ALONE GAMES, and chapters.

    Gwen:Eye of the north, is the only expansion, and can play on any chapter. You can also connects chapters so you can go through each game, but only if you connect them.

    It is free online gaming play, just buy the game.

    I would say get Prophercies, you get the better professions, and build from there. I have all 3 chapters and GWEN, and Guild Wars 2 is coming out in 2009.

    Guild Wars 2, supposedly is going to be like WOW, but is completely diffrent than GW1.

    Platinum edition is- Prophecies and Gwen.

    There is an online store, that you can download the WHOLE game from the internet, and simply use your credit card and buy all the games. Buy more character slots for $10 dollars each, and also weapons.

    The store doesn't effect game play, only for extras to add to your account, such as weapons, more slots.

  • I've played Guild Wars for 24 months (just yesterday ^.^) Guild Wars Platinum is only a combo of the normal Guild Wars and Eye of the North, non of these games are expansions, they are kind of their own stand alone game. If you do get them all there is a way to get your character across these games. Usually I prefer Factions, it is easier (somewhat) to level up, even though the level cap is only 20, it is pretty easy to get there with many different characters in a short amount of time. Nightfall is kind of like the first game, just different story line as you go along through the campaign (which you do missions and quests to get to the end) I've played it before, but I've only made one character there, I didn't quite like leveling up. Eye of the North is pretty much an expansion, you need one of the other games, to be able to access this campaign, because Anet set a level requirement on this campaign, I think you must be at least Level 12 to access. I'm not all that sure. My suggestion to see if you can find a Trial Access key. Start the game off with that, try it out, mess around with it, see if you like it. If you do, great, than what you do is, go buy the game you Trialed, than add the Key Code for the game into the account you already had, and wahla! You get to keep all the items, characters, everything you had on the trial. If you would like to see more about the game, the game website is than a user made site that is really helpful is check them out if you need any more assitence

    My in game name is: Mrs Zombie

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    Eye of the north is the Expansion... guild wars Plat i think has the Proficies"the first one" and Eye of the north in one whole package If you want to play the game thats the one that you get the most out of your money. Tere web site They explain there.

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    I do believe that you either have to get guild wars the original or guild wars platinum to be able to play the game, all the rest are expansion packs.

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    everyone is a standalone version of Guild Wars each one can be installed and played by itself so pick which ever one you want.

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    well go to a stor and chech the game out. then ask the ppl what they think cause usually they do know.or u could just buy then all and then be happy! **$**

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