AP classes?

is AP english for 11th graders hard? do you write alot of essays? what do you usually do..

how about AP Modern World?

and AP chemistry?

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    1 decade ago
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    AP English Composition or AP English Literature? They're different courses and very different with the requirements.

    Enlgish Comp- has a focus on writing; the AP exam is to write an essay analyzing a passage that they give you for literary features.

    English Lit- has a focus on reading. You have to read and be able to discuss literary elements of a lot of different works.

    The difficulty really depends on your teacher though and how far they go in preparing you for the exam. Both classes usually involve a lot of writing exercises that have to deal with analyzing literary elements and passages.

    AP Chemistry is definitely a course that requires some dedication. Again it depends on the teacher for a lot of it. The course covers a lot of material, so you can't fall behind. There is also a section on the final that has to do with lab procedure and equipment.

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