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Should I become an exchange student to Japan?

People who often come to these boards may have noticed I ask a lot of questions about Japanese. I know the odd useful phrase, and am close to reading hiragana quickly (not analysing letters). My booklet says that you dont need to have studied the language, but it helps. It also says within four months, you will be able to understand most of the language fluently. I can also be taught for a couple of weeks while in Japan. Just wondered what you guys thought of the idea........


Well thanks very much Capodas

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    my high school had lots of exchange students.

    their teacher grounded them thoroughly in japanese grammer and daily conv before they came to japan. some of them spoke really good japanese when they went back to australia and the us.

    you can speak fluent japanese without basic. but i think you need more than couple of years to be fluent and need to speak japanese everyday at school.

    you can go to japan to check how is it like. but you cannot understand japanese fluently in 4 mo. im very sure.

    all languages are not so easy as your booklet says.

    i think you better keep your money for some time and study basic. then go. use your money effectively.

    i must apologize if you're rich as J. K. Rowling... :)

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    This answer is for the states, but I'm pretty sure it's the same in the UK. I knew quite a few Brits studying when I was in Japan. First, wait till Uni. I never met 1 high school student from overseas and I taught high school. Usually, in the first 2 years of uni you want to take Japanese. After your first 2 years you will have the opportunity to study abroad via your study abroad office at your school. A university well know for hosting foreign students is Kansai Gaidai Gakkuin in Hirakata, Japan. It's between Osaka and Kyoto. I have too many friends to count that studied there. You get a mix of language, culture, and history. It's reasonably well known. Hope you can wait for uni. I lived there for 3 years and am glad I did it. Ganbatte!

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    definitely go if you have the opportunity, but as far as understanding it fluently in 4 months, I highly doubt that, you will probably be able to speak Japanese fluently when it comes to the basic stuff, and getting around. and you will need to know more than just hiragana to get by, you will need to be able to read kanji for almost everything. I wanna take a semester in Japan, but its to expensive, so ill save the 4 grand and go on a trip on my own time.

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    I think you should go. I'm going to go for exchange student too when i'm in college. I think it would be much better than just studying at home. I bet going there for 4 months is like worth 4 years of studying at school.

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    Yeah you will love Japan. The people the culture i'm going to be an exchange student for awhile and I know I will love it. Then I will move there. YAY NIHON!!!

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    you will probably end up getting murdered like all the other exchange students that do

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    Go for it! No Regrets!

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