What's the best way to responsibly promote my company in Yahoo! Answers?

I’m an emarketer with a large financial services company and in support of our online marketing efforts we want to start to leverage social media channels. We have some calculators and content that can get buried in our site and I think certain web communities could benefit from it.

Since I’m a big fan and user of Yahoo! Answers I’d like to start here by using our content and tools to help answer people’s questions. I’m not sure if there are any written or unwritten rules on the best way to do this – I definitely don’t want to be SPAMy.

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    The best way is to follow the rules: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/answers/abuse/gui...


    Business websites or email

    There are many professionals and business owners providing valuable knowledge and experiences on Answers. By identifying yourself as such and providing great answers, you are building credibility and positive brand image. You may also provide your business URL and contact information on your profile page. However, please do not link to purchase pages in your answers, include your website and contact info in all answers, give low-quality answers coupled with links to your site, or solicit for clients. Do not answer questions directly related to purchases that can be made at your business (i.e. you own an electronics business and you answer a question asking where to buy iPods, or you’re a dentist answering questions about which dentist to go to), as this behaviour can be considered spam.


    Yahoo is not saying that you cannot post your website URL as you can -- in your profile, and in answers to questions that are relevant. Yahoo recognizes that some users are businesses or have businesses, and their insights can be beneficial to those posting business-related questions.

    If someone for example asks about how to calculate their mortgage payments, and your site has a mortgage calculator, the guidelines say that it is OK to refer them to your site. But if someone asks about Google Adsense and you drop your URL, which has nothing to do with Adsense, then you can be reported for spamming

    And as you said you work for a "large financial services company" you may want to contact Yahoo to become a Knowledge Partner

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    It is against the community guidelines to spam. Spam can be perceived in so many ways. You can easily find ways to promote yourself and fit within the guidelines. One of the ways that is encouraged by Y!A is to share your knowledge where it is relevant to the question. If you simply do that and provide valuable answers, people will naturally contact you through your profile. I say "if" because if you are "spammy" and offer no value in your answer, then you are better off not waisting your time in this forum at all. It is not against the guidelines to tell people about yourself in your Y!A profile page and provide a link to the company you are marketing.

    You can read more about the guidelines by clicking on the community guidelines link at the bottom of each page in this forum.


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    Promoting a commercial venture on Yahoo! Answers is against the general policies of the website.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You cant do that in Yahoo answers

    You can however submit your site on search engines....

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