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What is the best college in HONG KONG?

What is the best College in Hong KOng that has the same rules like USA colleges? Like having to choose whatever subjects Students want to study and simply going there to apply for college rather having HKCEE passes and all. And what is the best Liberal ARTs program or enrollment college in HONG KONG?

Please help if there is any.

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    Actually studying in Hong Kong will drive you crazy except you really like the major that you are going to study.

    Having HKCEE results means nothing, moreover, colleges in HK focus on BUSINESS and SCIENCE more than L. ARTS.

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    I've performed many university interviews, so here is a few common questions, and sure, those are Chinese-founded, to a measure. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Who is your mannequin i.e. who do you appear as much as, why? (This generally is a character alive or useless) Describe a latest e-book you learn, why did you learn it, what used to be it like? (I used to be honestly requested this, think it or now not) What do you wish to do while you depart university? What does your room appear like? Is it messy or neat? (These are honesty questions, and whether it is messy, swiftly make is sound neat or they are going to consider you're mendacity...I imply by means of get a reaction swiftly.) What are your movements? What do you do to agenda it slow? What tendencies do you appear for in a pal? What tendencies do you importance? I might cross on and on eternally with those, however that is simply and concept. Typical interviews are round half-hour to an hour. Good good fortune!

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    i have not a clue. but that sounds like it'd be really fun to go

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