i have zig zags in my eyes?

Hi I've had a cold and a bad chest for nearly four weeks now and last night, whilst at work, i experienced zig zags in both eyes. It was really weird, i could hardly see anything. First thing i thought of was a migraine but the headache didn't come - the lines went after about 10 mins. When i got home a bit later they came back again but no headache. I've woken up this morning and i've got a dull thud going on in my head and i feel so tired - i just want to go to sleep but can't as i have a two and a half year old with me - any suggestions!!!!

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    This is ACTUALLY a migraine. Called an Aura Migraine.

    It can be followed by a migraine headache or not.

    The best way of dealing with it to stop it becoming a full blown migraine as they often do is lay down with your eyes closed. Do this until the zig zag, I call them Zebra Crossings, have crossed your eyes. You can actually see them move from one side of your eyes to the other.

    When they have disappeared from view, slowly get up.

    You should be ablke to avoid the headache part by doing this.

    They are awful. Just don't get one while driving the car as you can't see the stop lights!

    STRESS makes them so much worse and more often.

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    Hi. I get that too, and like you, I assume a migraine is coming, but doesn't. I've talked to my doctor about it and he says there are all different kinds of migraines and that was probably what I experienced. The thud this morning would indicate to me that it was, in fact, a migraine, just not the kind you are used to. The only thing that helps me is laying in a dark room with a wet cloth over my forehead. I know it must be difficult with your little one, but if the baby could just give you 15-20 minutes, it might help. Hope you feel better!

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    It could be a symptom of migraine so you should seek help!

    The zig zags in my vision occurred without a headache & I wasn't able to see a doctor so I went to an optician!

    He showed me a book of pictures drawn by migraine sufferers & there was a picture with the identical pattern as mine, he advised me to tell my doctor!

    I managed to see my doctor later that day & after explaining about the optician I was put on different medications until one was found that helped!

    After some years the attacks subsided & I am now ok!

    The first attack was very frightening & you have my sympathy!

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    Having been an ophthalmologist's secretary i would advise that you visit your GP as soon as possible. There are many reasons as to why you are experiencing zig zags in the eyes, and therefore shouldn't be dismissed. It could well be migraine related, but it's still best to get an expert opinion from a trained professional.

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    The zig-zags were probably the start of the headache you are about to get, I got that once about a year ago, really freaked me out! Only had a slight headache though, not serious migraine.

    It could be something to do with your blood pressure also, maybe get that checked out?

    Go online to nhs direct, or call them, they can set your mind at rest or suggest what to do for the best.


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    zig zags eyes

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    Sounds like the precursor, or aura that precedes migraines. However, if the headache hasnt come, it may not. This symptom, seeing floaters and spots, can also be a symptom of a detached retina. Have your eyes checked soon to eliminate this possibility.

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    Might be migraine, sometimes I get just the arura without the head pain.

    Is there anyone that can have your 2/12 y/o? so you can go to bed.

    Hope you feel better soon, but I would say that if it continues goe see your doctor.

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    Sorry you are poorly but it does sound migrainous but please get to the doctors because that bad chest shouldnt hang about for four weeks and the young 'un will only makethings worse bless or could be pressure at home is making you anxious. Please The Docs

    Source(s): retired paramedic
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