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Change Major (BAEPC)

I like to speak in front of people without any hesitation. I love English, my listening and oral is good. However, my writing is not good. Also, I don't like to read Novel.

BAEPC(English for professional communication) is a course that required for student having a lot of practical writing, including promotion, journalism , effective communication, quatitative research report.

Some includes communication workshop, like video production and documentary production.

I don't like caluclation and feel hardship understanding the economics. I am

informtion systems student now. I don't hate IS but I feel hard to handle BBA.However, MIS can be handle at this moment. MIS is the subject I can handle and feel comfortable for study among all BBA subjects.

Would you recommend for changing major to BAEPC which I like? I will defer for 1 year graduate as a result. Even my English writing is not good at this stage.

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    Based on what you described above, I would strongly recommend that you should take this course. I always tell others to go ahead for any subjects in which they have special interest. Same like pursuing a career in the future after graduation, one should look for the first job which he or she finds most interesting and not the salary.

    Your English is good and is clear and it is easy to understand. Don’t worry and please go ahead.

    Cheers !!

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