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You are requested to write a real experience of an excursion you had.

Using the handout Maria's Moscow Holiday as a sample, write an article

of about 200 words.

Here are some tips to help you write the article:

- Include details of the places you went, the things you saw and did

and also your feelings

- Like Maria's Moscow Holiday, write your experiences of the whole day

- Divide the article into different paragraphs accordingly

- Write your article in past tenses.

The article should be saved in a Microsoft Word document and emailed to

me by 3 March (Mon), 12:00 pm. You will receive my reply after I have

received your assignment. If you do not get my reply by Tuesday noon,

it means that I have not received your work and you should send it again

by 6:00 pm on Tuesday. Any assignment sent after Tuesday 6:00 p.m.

will not be accepted.

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    您被請求寫您有遊覽的真正的經驗。使用贈送品瑪麗亞的莫斯科假日作為樣品, 寫大約200


    這一些要訣幫助您寫文章: - 包括您去您看地方, 事物的細節並且做了和並且您的感覺- 像瑪麗亞的莫斯科假日, 寫您的整天的經驗- 相應地劃分文章成不同的段- 寫您的文章在過去時。

    文章應該被保存在Microsoft Word 文件和被發電子郵件對我在(星期一) 3月3 日, 下午12:00 以前。您將接受我的回復在我接受了您的任務之後。如果您不得到我的回復在星期二中午以前, 它意味, 我未接受您的工作在星期二並且您應該再送它由下午6:00 。任何任務被送在星期二下午6:00 以後不會被承擔。

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