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Rachmanioff 的故事

我想知多d關於seigei rachmanioff 既野.

有人話佢個樣好cool人又高, 佢既人生都幾崎嶇,

有人話佢係the saddest man ever met", 但都有人話佢係一個好搞笑既人.

知搵d eg.佢講過既野, 搞笑野, 生活野


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    是的,佢個樣好cool,人又高,因為According to fellow composer Igor Stravinsky Rachmaninoff stood 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall.[1] He also had the ability to play complex compositions upon first hearing. Many recordings were made by the Victor Talking Machine Company recording label of Rachmaninoff performing his own music, as well as works from the standard repertoire.



    The sudden death of Tchaikovsky in 1893 made a strong impression on Rachmaninoff, affecting his emotional state, his personality as well as his creativity. Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 1 (Op. 13, 1896) premiered on 27 March 1897 in one of a long-running series of "Russian Symphony Concerts," but was torn apart by critics. In a particularly vitriolic review by a nationalist composer Csar Cui, it was likened to a depiction of the ten plagues of Egypt and suggested that it would be admired by the "inmates" of a music conservatory in hell.Rachmaninoff's wife and other witnesses later suggested that Glazunov may have been drunk and, although this was never intimated by Rachmaninoff, it would not seem out of character. The disastrous reception of his Symphony No 1, a negative review from writer Leo Tolstoy, and his distress over the Russian Orthodox Church's objection to his marrying his cousin, Natalia Satina, contributed to a period of severe depression.

    As Rachmaninoff became more and more aware of the fact that he would never again return to his beloved homeland, he was overwhelmed with melancholia. Most people who knew him later in life described him as the saddest man they had ever known. In a 1961 interview, conductor Eugene Ormandy declared: "Rachmaninoff was really two people. He hated his own music and was usually unhappy about it when he performed or conducted it in public so that the public saw only this side of him. But, among his close friends, he had a very good sense of humor and was in good spirits."

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