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中翻英~ 一小段而已 拜託幫忙


投稿文章:「Managing Culture: An Anthropological Perspective」

教授/研究生 Ellis Finkelstein 您好:







請勿用翻譯軟體 拜託

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    Whether ' the fifth step field manage between academy and practice ' seminar contribute article 2008. ' Managing Culture: An Anthropological Perspective' professor / graduate student Ellis Finkelstein, you are good: ' the fifth of 2008 will step the field and manage academy and practice seminar ' to thank you and participate in this time. We receive thesis summary you contribute already, contribution for ' A , manpower resources management organize the theory to use the practice ' field. Date was March 4 , 1997 that the summary stopped submitting the articles and accepted to revise . If it please have relevant problem that to this seminar sending a telegram here or letters are inquired. Get in touch with people: Miss Guo Get in touch with the telephone Get in touch with the mailbox :

    February 28 , the 97th year of the Republic of China of China

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    Sentences that "The fifth stage manages science and the business across the area" symposium in 2008 contributes: .."Managing Culture:An Anthropological Perspecti ve" professor/postgraduate Ellis Finkelstein.. hello.

    :We wish to express our gratitude for your participating in this "The fifth stage manages the symposium of science and the business across the area in 2008". We receive the summary of the thesis that you have already contributed, and the contributed area is "A and man power manage, organize the theory, and the business is used. "It is at March 4,'97 that the summary severs the manuscript when the date of the reaching revision is accepted. There is a problem of the relation that asks telegraph or the letter this symposium. The person is reported: The mailbox is reported:whether to report Mr. district or the telephone

    February 28,'97 of the Republic of China


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