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HANA asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


A:嘿~各位!我們今天晚上要去唱KTV 你們要跟我們一起去嗎?




F:沒錯,我從很久以前就很想要有一隻自己的寵物了,每次看到別人和寵物很親密地玩在一起就好羨慕,像XXX也養了一隻哈士奇(Siberian Husky/ Husky),這種狗不僅聰明也很忠心和友善,外表更是帥氣呢!

C:我家中最近剛養了一隻 _馬爾濟斯(狗品種MALTESE)_ ,小小的很可愛,最特別的是牠很聽話也很會撒嬌






B:你在開玩笑嗎?嗯~~若是養別種動物,_魚_ 或_烏龜___(水生動物)應該是最好的選擇了,這樣照顧他們就不會那麼麻煩,只要定時換水跟丟飼料就好了



C:聽起來這比起養_貓或狗 容易多了






D:OK,我們會等你們回來再一起去,GOOD LUCK


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  • 1 decade ago
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    A: Hey guys~ Today we'r going to karaoke. Do you guys wanna come with us to have fun?

    E: Whow! sounds great! but...we'll go to pet store first and then catch up you guys.

    B:Whow! cool~ just bring it home

    D: it's F. He really wanna have a pet recently...

    F: That's right! I wanna have a pet for a long time. I'm jealous when everytime i saw someone is playing closely with his/her pet. like...Mike also has a Husky, it's not only very smart, but loyal and friendly. Plus, it looks handsome!!

    C: Oh, I have a MALTESE in home lately. it's little and cute, expecially it's very obedient and sometimes act like a spoiled child.

    A: whow! that was awesome! yours is better than my cat, only thing he/she will do is sleeping and eating! It's quite the embodiment of Garfield.

    B: There must be lots of pasta in your house, right?

    F: Speak of pet, pet rabbits are also good. They're cute~

    E: hmm... smaller one might be better, like... insects!

    D: smaller pets? you mean...spiders?

    2008-02-28 17:03:29 補充:

    B: Are you kidding me???? if you have another kinds of pet such as fish or turtle.. it may be the best choise. so that you won't get too many troubles, just change water for them and feed them on time. that's it!

    2008-02-28 17:03:43 補充:

    C: Insects and fish sounds not bad!! if we decide to have insects, what ways of caring we should take, and what food is better for them?

    A: well~ it's easy! As long as you give them some friut and water, it's all set!

    C:it sounds easier to pet a dog ot a cat!

    2008-02-28 17:04:04 補充:

    E:ha~you guys think it's too need to have the sense of duty to take care of your pet. Besides, a proper way of caring is necessary. In addition, you have take them to the beauty shop and take them to a doctor to have check usaully.

    2008-02-28 17:04:27 補充:

    B: Right! Pets just like human. petting needs pations so that they can grow up heathly, it's essential that you must do to care for them sometimes.

    D: I think we are given a big class!!

    2008-02-28 17:04:36 補充:

    F: yeah, right! I think it's time to go to pet store! it almost close to dusk.

    A: That's go. we still need to go to karaoke than.

    D: ok, i'll be waiting for you, then go to karaoke together, alright? good luck!!


    2008-02-28 17:04:45 補充:

    這只是我平常會說的話,我最喜歡編故事了! 哈

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  • 1 decade ago

    for the sentence "what ways of caring we should take"...for here it is better to change it to "how should we take care of them"

    its much easier.

    2008-02-29 13:43:45 補充:

    ...take them to the beauty shop and take them to a doctor to have check usually.

    you dont have to make it complicated.

    "just take them to have a regular check." thats it. or "just take them to a doctor."

    2008-02-29 13:44:08 補充:

    "pets just like human." i think here u mean pets are just similar to human beings.

    u dont have a verb right here. "pets just like human" Like代表是喜歡

    如果你要說"好像人類一樣" 你必須加個動詞 like在這裡就變成是形容詞

    "pets are just like human beings."

    2008-02-29 13:44:28 補充:

    "petting needs pations so that they can grow up healthy."


    "It needs patience to pet so that they can grow up healthily." grow up 為動詞所以後面要用副詞修飾

    2008-02-29 13:44:47 補充:

    "its essentail that you must do to care for them sometimes."


    "its necessary for you to care about them." dont have to make it so completed.

    its CHINGLISH...中文式英文

    2008-02-29 13:45:16 補充:

    time to go to" THE" pet store. 你的冠詞不見了

    太陽快下山了" it's getting dusk"

    it almost close to dusk...沒動詞 也是中文式英文


    we still need to go to karaoke THEN. its not THAN. THAN是個conjunction~比較之意




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