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原文:除非燈具為開放式, 否則Heat sink 處於密閉的燈具內部將變成無意義的浪費, LED在照明的運用上請盡量排除傳統鰭片式Heat sink的想法, 而是考慮如何將熱源傳導到燈具本體再利用表面積做散熱

自己的翻譯:Unless the lighting equipment are open, otherwise it’ll be a pointless waste while the heat sink is install in a airtight lighting equipment.

While applying the LED to illumination , please don’t use the traditional 鰭片式 heat sink idea as a heat dissipation way. Designer should consider how to conduct the heat to the lighting equipment and use the surface area to do the heat conduction

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    Unless the illuminative equipment is designed as the open-style one, the heat sink would be a waste when installed in the close-style one. Designers should avoid designing the heat sink conventional 鰭片式 style when applying LED to be the primary illumination, and, instead, consider alternative ways of heat reduction by conducting heat to the surface of the illuminative equipment itself.

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