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    I guess the real question is, "What do you want to do with a personal computer?"

    Here are some differences to help you out:

    Will you be doing a lot of business applications, high-end gaming or even game design, or specialty projects for work? Then you will probably be more apt to using a Windows-based PC.

    Will you be doing video editing, music production, or multimedia interfacing?

    Then a Macintosh will probably do better.

    The general computing examples like email, surfing the web, listening to music, and writing up a school paper can be done on both, and quite similar to each other at that.

    It truly comes down to personal preference, how much money you want to invest, and whether or not you have actively used either a Windows-based PC or Macintosh before.

    I can tell you Macintosh computers are usually more user-friendly, known for first time users getting a start.

    I can also say that they are less prone to software problems, like mal-ware infections and corrupted software. You will pay a premium to have an Apple branded product. They tend to cost more for all types of hardware, software costs are similar to the Windows world. Do a comparison in an Apple store and your local electronic store like Best Buy to confirm.

    I can tell you that if you intend on playing name-brand games or well-known programs, you are going to have an easier time using a Windows-based PC. Software is getting more available for the Mac, but is usually first or only available to Windows, so this market makes it tough for anything else. There are some high-end titles like Electronic Arts (the SIMS, Battlefield, etc.) for Mac, but not as many as Windows.

    By the way, Gabi's reply about performance is inaccurate. Apple computers are quite comparable to windows-based PCs. The new Intel-based Apple computers allow you to run Microsoft Windows natively, which means it runs just like a regular PC would.

    I hope this helps.

    Source(s): Ex-PC repair technician. Certified, experienced, and professional engineer/administrator. Currently own and use an Apple MacBook Pro Laptop with BOTH OS X and Windows XP Professional installed.
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    It depends...what do you plan to do with the computer?

    What are you looking for?

    For example, if you play lots of online computer games or your kids like to, there are more games available for PC. PC also tends to be lower-priced. PC tends to have more software made for it.

    If you do a lot with music and digital photography or graphics or store your music on your computer, go for Apple. The disadvantage is that Apples tend to cost more.

    Im guessing part of the reason is that they make all the parts. But Im guessing this is also a disadvantage because they cannot "pass the buck" when something malfunctions.

    With a PC, you could take it back to Best Buy, and Best Buy will blame Dell, but Dell will blame Intel, blah blah blah.

    But Apple manufactures all the parts so they have to take care of it.

    More software is being created for Apple. I dont know what Id do if I couldnt get Microsoft Office.

    Also, it is easier to install and get Apple running.

    Hope this helps. Happy Shopping. =)

    P.S. If you are a student, Apple offers discounts.

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    I was looking at an Apple the other day that was $2300 for the tower alone, that only had 1GB RAM and a small amount of HDD space, and an average Intel dual core processor.

    Their 24" monitors are average at best with poor response times and contrast ratios, yet cost two to three times the cost of most other brand's monitors, that have 2ms response times and 3000:1 contrast ratios.

    Gah, I hate Apple's computers.

    I can't help but feel that unless you're using your Apple for strictly design related work, all you're paying for is a name.

    Custom built PC's are certainly the economic and performance way to go. And that pretty much means that they are the superior choice.

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    Apples are popular and have a cool factor and are perfectly fine computers. However I find them to be overpriced and not all the software out there works on Apple.

    Yes you can run Windows on an Apple now, but the performance isn't top notch. Apple is designed to run the MacOS.

    My personal opinion is go with a PC.

    (now I'll duck from all the Apple lovers out there!) ;)

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    i know apple is good but im so use to the pc so pc

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    computing device absolutely for prime elementary performance and gaming.... you wont get any virus except your a operating laptop or laptop newb Apple is for novices/non tech-y ppl. Macs are large too yet on condition that your prepared to pay almost double the price of a computing device for the similar specs... some manufacturers contain HP, Toshiba, Dell,etc etc

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    apple...just because there practiacally no viruses for macs but pcs....there is a virus a second for those i have dealt with both and apple is way better...just a bit weird but u get used to it

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    I've only used a PC, but I hear Mac's are great for video imaging and other multimedia.

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    Idk why people hate PCs, but I have to switch to Apple for Graphic Design. It's interesting, I hear PCs don't work and Apples are gay........people need to get lives.

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