How much romex might one expect to need to wire a house? I am doing a price analysis for school.?

Any ideas on price/ft. would be cool too.


Okay say It is a 3/2 with a basement, which is where the breaker box is. 1 story, 1300 sq feet. with an attached garage.

Just looking for a reasonable average approximation.

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    This will get you pretty close on 1300 sq ft.

    12-2 romex 1000 feet @ .25 per foot

    12-3 romex 500 feet @ .35 per foot

    14-2 romex 1000 feet @ .18 per foot

    14-3 romex 250 feet @ .24 per foot

    10-2 romex 100 feet @ .40 per foot

    6-3 romex 50 feet @ .80 per foot

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    Hello Dan,

    This is a very vague question, because the amount of wire needed for an electrical installation, is determined upon how large the house is, the location of the circuit breaker box and so on.

    Just to give you an idea of what I am trying to explain, if a room is 12 feet long and the breaker box is just outside that room, the amount of wire needed to wire a light fixture in the center of the room would probably be about 20 feet or so, but if you can now imagine the breaker box is in the basement and that room is now 20 feet long, and is actually upon the top floor, 20 feet of wire would not be any use.

    Perhaps if you gave a more detailed layout let us know how many floors to the house, the size of the rooms and how many rooms etc, then you would receive a more accurate answer.

    Paul M

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    The previous answerer is correct. In fact he could have also said that wire usage is effected by fixture style, numer and placement - and even more by three way switches, switched plug-ins and other wire gobbling fanciness.

    That being said, I just had a duplex wired. It is not much smaller than your example and it has a simple, but not spartan wiring layout.

    It took about...

    1250 ft. of 12-2

    1000 ft. of 14-2

    250 ft. of 14-3

    250 ft. of 10-2

    I don't have prices here, but a quick visit to Home Depot would tell you that.

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    12-2 Romex 250

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    Dan, of course it would depend on your electrical needs, what size and how much. It depends on the type of appliances, water system, heat/air system, etc.

    You can go on lowes and find an estimater for all sorts of needs, paint, wire, it is a fun site to work with!

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