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Whats your ideal WRESTLEMANIA?

Heres mine:

$ Money in the Bank $

Shawn Micheals


Randy Orton

Cm Punk

Rob Van Dam-Winner

Ric Flair

Jeff Hardy

Shelton Benjamin

WWE Tag Team Championship

Deuce & Domino (c) V. Christian Cage, Tomko

Intercontinental Championship

JBL (c) V. Finlay

United States Championship

MVP (c) V. Rey Mysterio

ECW Championship-Extreme Rules

Undertaker (c) V. Kurt Angle


Bigshow V. John Cena

Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Batista (c) V. Ken Kennedy

WWE Championship

Chris Jericho V. Triple H

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    Mr. Kennedy vs. Triple H (c)


    Randy Orton vs. Edge (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

    No Disqualifications:

    The Undertaker vs. John Cena


    Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison (c)

    MONEY IN THE BANK (6 man):

    Shelton vs. Matt + Jeff Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. MVP vs.CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke vs. Kofi Kingston


    Big Show (c) vs. Kane

    ECW Title (ECW Rules):

    Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu vs. Sandman (c)

    Mick Foley and The Rock vs. Batista and Ric Flair

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    $ Money in the Bank $

    Rey Mysterio

    Jericho (Victor)


    Shelton Benjamin



    WWE Tag Team Championship TLC V

    Dudleys(c) V. Christian Cage, Edge V. Hardys

    Intercontinental Championship

    Randy Orton (c) V. Mick Foley

    United States Championship

    Big Show (c) V. John Cena

    ECW Championship-Extreme Rules

    Goldberg (c) V. Kurt Angle

    Legend Vs Legend

    Hulk V. Scott Hall

    Worlds Heavyweight Championship

    StoneCold (c) V. The Rock

    WWE Championship

    Shawn Michaels V. Triple H (c)

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    WWE Championship= HHH vs Y2J (i agree with you)

    World Heavyweight Championship= JBL vs MVP

    SD vs RAW= Undertaker vs HBK (i'd love to see this one more time)

    ECW Match= RVD vs Sabu vs Tommy Dreamer (3 way dance)

    US Championship= Rey Mysterio vs Shelton Benjamin

    Intercontinental Title= John Morrison vs Edge

    WWE Tag Titles= The Hardy's vs The Dudley's

    MITB= Orton, Kennedy, Angle, Christian, Hardcore Holly (winner), and CM Punk

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    MITB: Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Big Show vs. Finlay vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Brock Lesnar - Winner - Kurt Angle

    WWE Tag Championship: The Edgeheads vs. Londrick in a Tornado tag tables match. Winners - Edgeheads

    Intercontinental Championship: Umaga vs. Kane in a buried alive match. Winner - Kane

    US Championship: Matt Hardy vs. MVP. Winner Matt Hardy

    ECW Championsip: RVD vs. Sabu-Extreme Rules-Winner: RVD

    Smackdown vs. Raw: Edge vs. Randy Orton- Last Man Standing - Winner: Edge

    WHC: Undertaker vs. HHH - Hell in a Cell- Winner: Undertaker

    WWE Championship: HBK vs. Chris Jericho-TLC Match- Winner: Y2J

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    Punjabi prison with Jericho and JBL

    Elimination Chamber with Edge, Batista, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Triple H, and John Cena for the WWE title

    Punk vs. Chavo vs. Big Daddy V in a Hell in a Cell match for the ECW title.

    Rey Mysterio vs. MVP in a first blood match for the US title

    Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy for the intercontinental title

    Kofi Kingston vs. The Great Khali in a No DQ match.

    Umaga and HBK in a loser leaves RAW match

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    1.MITB: Big daddy V, Mark Henry, Khali, Umaga, Kane,Edge, Big show, Shelton

    2.Hell in the cell: JBL vs Finlay

    3.US title: MVP vs Matt Hardy

    4.IC title: Jeff Hardy vs Rey

    5.WWE title fatal 4 ways match: HHH vs Orton vs Cena vs HBK

    6.WH title last ride match Batista vs Taker

    7.Bras + Panties match: Candice vs Maria vs Melina vs Vickie Guerrero (great idea)

    8.ECW title Chavo vs CM punk

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    i'll go old school:

    wwF championship:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Rock

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    definetly main event would be orton and rvd for title but rvd got fired/ quit boohoo

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