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Does white light contain all colors?

Does white light contains all colors of the rainbow?


And also, if something has a high wavelength and short frequency (Like infrared light), does that mean it carries a very little amount of energy or a lot of energy?

Update 2:

And also, explain why.

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    yes this can be demonstrated using a simple prism to separate the white light into its different colours and another turned the opposite to recombine them into white light, newton did this

    black is the absense of colour since none are reflected and just absorbed by the material

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    White Light Contains

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    Light with high wavelength, low frequency means it's less energetic than light of low wavelength, high frequency. A high frequency means that the cycle occurs more frequently than something with a low frequency. Higher wavelength means there is more space between repetitions in the cycle.

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    All? Not necessarily, and it depends on what you mean by "all colors". Primary colors are red, green and blue, because receptors in your eyes respond to these particular colors. There's a continuous spectrum between and around the "peak" wavelengths of these colors. Mix the main peaks (according to receptor sensitivity) of the primary colors in an appropriate balance of intensity and spectral width, and you'll _see_ white, even if random parts of the spectrum between peaks remain but at a lower intensity.

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    An object appears WHITE because an equal mixture of RED, BLUE, and GREEN is reflected off the object and interpreted by our eyes and brain as WHITE.

    we see the color white,The Sun gives off "white" light, a mixture of all the colors in the spectrum.

    The Sun gives off "white" light, a mixture of all the colors in the spectrum.

    The object appears BLACK because RED, BLUE, and GREEN are all absorbed, which leaves nothing to be reflected.

    We see the color BLACK.

    The Sun gives off "white" light, a mixture of all the colors in the spectrum.

    The object appears YELLOW because the BLUE light is absorbed, while RED and GREEN are reflected and combine to form YELLOW.

    We see the color YELLOW.

    Source(s): nasa science files
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    actually, white light is just white, but when it passes through a prism it (i cant remember the term right now) diffuses? or basically takes the light apart into and then forms colors like red orange yellow etc.

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    Yes it does, I'm positive! Because when sunlight hits a prism it splits the colors, that why you see reflecting colors when using overheads! =]

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    no. white is the absence of all color.

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