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paw asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 decade ago

Swedish to English Translation please?

vi ber sa hemskt mycket om ursakt for att vi ar sa daliga pa att skriva har! men vi har fullt upp hela dagarna med att sola och bada, ja ni vet!

Vi har det jattebra och det har inte hant sa mycket faktiskt, slappar mest och hanger med varldens coolaste 60 aringar!

jag (e) traffade en liten del av min familj denna vecka, narmare bestamt jonas, det var mycket kul! kollade in lite shemales och forsokte para ihop martin med en men det gick inge vidare, det blev en spackad kvall med allt mojligt roligt!

En en annan sak vi maste be om ursakt for ar att vi inte lagt upp na bilder, det ar validigt svart att lagga upp bilder, tar hur lang tid som helst. men vi ska forsoka lagga upp lite har, annars finns det fullt med bilder pa FB!

sa ni inte glommer bor hur vi ser ut! ar valdigt bruna nu, ha! ska snart flytta till ett annat hotell for det vi bor pa ligger upp for ett berg, typ 1 km hogt

Och vi ska meddela att vi faktiskt har jobbat lite, i malays

som modeller, haha vi posa for

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    1 decade ago
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    We apologize so very much for being so bad at writing here! But we are busy all days with sun and bath, well you know!

    We are having a great time and there hasn't happened much really, are being lazy and are hanging with the coolest 60 year olds in the world!

    I (e) met a small part of my family this week, more specifically Jonas, it was great fun! Checked out some shemales and tried to get Martin together with one but it didn't work that well, it became a busy night with lots of different fun!

    Another thing we have to apologize for is not putting up any pictures, it is very hard to put op pictures, it takes lots of time. But we will try to put up some pictures here, otherwise there are lots of pictures at FB!

    So that you don't forget what we look like! Are very tanned now, ha! Will be moving to another hotel soon because the one we live in is on a mountain, about 1 kilometer high.

    And we'd like to let you know that we have worked a little, in malays as models, haha we posed for


    It looks as if the end was cut of, could it be so?

    Source(s): I'm Swedish.
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