do routers affect desktop speed?

do routers affect desktop speed

like if i get a better router would my desktop have faster internet

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    Directly, no. As indicated in other posts the router impacts the upload / download speed.

    However, their speed (or lack thereof) may impact a specific program that is waiting on data to be sent or received before progressing to the next set of instructions in the program.

    Sometime this program that is in limbo has a negative impact on system performance.

    So, in an indirect way, the router may be involved in a slowdown on your PC.

    Routers come in several flavours and camps.




    Wireless (which usually includes at least 4 Wired ports as above.

    If you're looking at speed improvements you might consider upgrading the router to one that covers 10/100/1000, keeping in mind the following.

    -speed of download/upload is limited by the cable (or DSL) modem, and if you put a fast router on a slow modem there will be no speed improvement.

    -internal network speed will be substantially faster (sharing/gaming between PC's within your network), even if the download speed shows no increase. This is great for sharing music off multiple PC's using programs such as Windows Media Player 11 on XP or Vista.

    -to make use of the 1000 speed, you'll need 1000 Mbps (otherwise known as Gigabit) cards and CAT 6 cables (CAT 5 and 5e just won't cut it).

    Now, that was all for wired solutions. If you're looking into Wireless, then the 3 basic ratings are:

    802.11b (old and slow)

    802.11g (not too shabby, but still slow compared to a wired LAN)

    802.11N (fast fast fast...oh, did I mention fast. I clocked one Wireless connection at a clients two nights ago at 140 Mbps...mine barely scratches 40 Mbps on an average day).

    Check your router's capability, and the wireless card on your PC to see if both support Wireless N (802.11 N). It's worth the upgrade...seriously.

    Michael McLaughlin @ IronOak IT, Calgary, AB

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    The speed of your Internet service,modem,router and computer itself(CPU and RAM especially) all affect the speed of your desktop.

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    type router type and model and signal will determine your internet connection, but it does not affect your desktop speed, just internet speed

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    Routers and cables can effect upload and download speeds.

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    Possibly, altough it could be what your paying for. You can do all different kinds of things, but in the end, it mainly comes down to how much green you put down.

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