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With Yankee Stadium being torn down, which do you think will be the next to go - Fenway or Wrigley?


JlK - my apologies. I haven't been on for a day or two and when I posted th question Y!A didn't show me that there were any other questions like this that gad been asked.

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    I think Fenway. Both are classics, but Fenway really just isn't that fan friendly whereas the fans love Wrigley.

    To answer #1 - it is never nice to call somebody a moron just because they don't know some fact, but it is even more in appropriate when they are not wrong. It is being torn down and turned into parkland (3 baseball fields). Some things will be moved to the new stadium. Perhaps there will be plaques and a info center in the new park, but the stadium is being torn down and not turned into a museum.

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    It won't be Fenway Park. The Red Sox own the park and there are no plans to build a new one in Boston. Wrigley Field will most likely stay also because again no plans for a new park there.

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    Why do you want to tear down Wrigley Field and Fenway Park?

    The first park I went to was the Polo Grounds, my grandfather took me to see a Giants vs. Dodgers game there in 1954, and I saw my first Mets game there (vs. Milwaukee Braves) in May, 1962. I really wish they had left that standing, but instead turned it into a housing project which has since have to preserve what you have for future generations to know where they came from, tearing down pieces of history doesn't do that....just because something is old, doesn't mean it's junk.

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    wrigley will be the next to fall. the current ownership of the red sox has spent a lot of money on renovations the past 5 years so i honestly see fenway being around for a good time longer.

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    wrigley because the red sox management has show extreme confidence in fenway, they have added monster seats the place is like paridice to some, and the park is small which is bad for ticket prices but the atmosphere is amazing.

    tropicana is going did you see there new place in st petersburg it is amazing look up "new tampa bay ballpark" on google images or go to it looks like a space ship or a sailboat.

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    Probably Fenway being as how they have more money and have kinda lost that lovable loser image they held for so long. That is unless Mark Cuban can buy the Cubs, he'll throw tradition out the window and make mo' money mo' money mo' money.

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    I think they are going to tear it down. Later down they wil take it down. I think that Wrigley. Fenway look modern but is to small but Wrigley looks like it might go any time.

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    shea, new stadium in 2009!!!!


    I dont think theyre going to take down wrigley or fenway any time soon

    too mcuh history

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    I answered this exact same question last night. Can we please try to be original?

    As much as I despise all-things-Boston, I hope they never tear down either of these. I wish Yankee Stadium would remain as is, and I wish we still had the original Comiskey Park and Crosley Field and the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field (with a team!) and Shibe Park get the idea. Baseball is all about history -- why do we insist on destroying it?

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    Fenwey is probably the next to go.

    I think Tropicana Field should be torn down. The "Rays" are a disgrace.

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