Airplus Xtreme G as a WDS?

I recieve a slight wireless signal in one part of my house. If i put a D-Link Airplus Xtreme G router in that room, will it make the signal stronger even though it is not physically connected to the main router? Or do I have any other options?

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I just parsed the 97 page manual and found no possible setting that would allow you to setup this particular router (same as mine) in a repeater mode. You will need to acquire an actual repeater or another router that clearly indicates that it may be setup in repeater mode.

    The quick (inexpensive) answer: try relocating your router within the same room (or another if possible).

    The reason behind this working goes as follows:

    Wireless is not always a simple solution to implement since there are many physical factors that reduce signal strength.

    Ask yourself how many physical walls or floors the signal has to pass thru from the router to the laptop (or pc). Same for the number of floors.

    Also, the signal is NOT a direct line of site transmission. During recent discussions it was pointed out to me by the Radio Techs at D-Link that the radio waves used in Wireless actually travel on a curve. What that meant is my signal strength would be stronger if I was 6 feet away from my wireless router than if I was only 6 inches.

    What this means for you is when you look at the number of walls between you and your router, allow for the need to have a wide path of clearance.

    Yes, wireless does travel thru walls and floors, but each time it does the signal strength drops.

    Some other issues revolve around large metal objects. Last year I had a client who insisted the best spot for his Wireless Router was beside his furnace. Worked great for the basement level, but his daughter couldn't get connected 2 floors up. The solution was to relocate to a closet in the master bedroom and now both the basement office and the bedrooms are getting full signal strength.

    That said, try relocating your router. Sometimes 10-12 feet makes a great difference. Also, you could try adjusting the angle of the antenna in relation to the router. This does work, but may also negatively impact signal strength elsewhere in the house. It's a trial and measure signal strength process.

    Other solutions (that do cost $$$):

    Also, you could upgrade to Wireless N, the latest, greatest spec with much better distance and signal penetration. This solution will naturally cost the most as it requires a new router and a new card for your PC or Laptop in order to take advantage of the improvements. If you do have more than one device running wireless and some of them are getting signals just fine, you may be able to continue using their current wireless cards as most Wireless N routers are still backwards compatible with type G and B…just check the box to be certain.

    Oh...lest we forget…Interference from other electronic devices. More than half of our cordless phones and microwave ovens emit an interfering signal at the same frequencies as the 2.4 GHz Wireless routers. Just separating the devices by about 10 feet will solve any interference problems, though it sounds like this is NOT your problem (unless you have a cordless phone sitting right beside the laptop).

    Michael McLaughlin @ IronOak IT, Inc., Calgary, AB

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    You'd need a repeater, not a router. Some routers have repeater firmware, most don't.

    You could wire it to your router and use it as a second access point. Or you could put a high-gain antenna (like a Cantenna) on that computer, if the wireless card has an antenna jack.

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    provided the unit works precise (it is not broken) it is going to artwork on your application. earlier you install and configure it, i opt to propose which you gheck with the D link internet site to work out in the event that they have extra cutting-edge firmware for the unit. in the event that they do, acquire the firmware and improve the router. keep in mind continuously use a computer it is asserted to the router by using a under pressure out cat5 cable everytime you configure a router, substitute a router configuration, or improve the firmware.

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