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Youtube Music Video Copyright?

I want to upload a music video I have of a Certain Artist. I labeled it as the Artist's own work, bu Youtube still blobked it for Copyright Infringement. What do I need to upload a music video. Note: I have a regular Youtube account.

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    youtube states that even if you say its the artists work,its still not yours and you still have no permission,you are just crediting them, even if you have permission youtube are likely to remove them

    as a company youtube has to abide by the law and company's& producers, anyone could have flagged your video and youtube then removes it


    youtube are very strict when it comes to copyright,so if you get a couple more removed then your account will be suspended forever


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    No one seems to realize this, just because you say its the artists work doesn't mean it's not infringement your still posting their work, where did that stupid thing ever start anyways?

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