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question about Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo?

Ok, so my doctor just put me on this I'm 15 I'm not sexually active but I got it for the pain in my periods and how heavy they are. But I went to a normal doctor, he didn't explain it to me AT ALL!! I don't understand it!! I went to their website, that didn't really help very much. what does it do? I know some make your period only come like 3 times a year. I asked him that and he said " I think so."

So any help?

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    Ortho tri cyclin lo is just like any other birth contol. You will start your first pack of pills the sunday after you start your period. You take the pills the same time everyday. You will have a period every month on your last row of pills. There are pills that give you a period every three months, but this pill is not one of them. You just continue to take them everyday at the same time, they will regulate your period and lessen the bleeding an cramps. Ortho tri cyclin lo also is also one of the few pills that helps will acne problems, if you have them. If you have any other questions, let me know. You can email me and I would be glad to answer!!!

    Source(s): I was a student for an OB/GYN.
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  • I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo too. The only wait you can skip periods is if you miss your sugar pill week, the last week in a pack. If you skip that and immediately start a new pack, you will skip your period, otherwise, you will have your period that week. Ortho makes your periods lighter and really helps with cramping. In some girls, it may even help out with acne. BC is obviously for the prevention of pregnancy, but it is also beneficial for other things. I was first put on BC when I was young to help regulate my period, and help with my cramping.

    I hope this helped, if you want more info, email me!

    Source(s): Been on Ortho Tryclen Lo for 6 years.
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