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Moving to Long Island?

I'm thinking about moving to Long Island. What are nice affordable towns in Long Island to relocate to?

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    Long Island is very expensive. Generally speaking, towns in Suffolk Co. are more affordable than in Nassau, but still expensive. And if you'll be commuting to New York City, the commute is much longer from Suffolk. And property taxes are very high across the island. Most younger people can't afford to live here and are moving away.

    On the other hand, if you're coming from San Francisco, it might not be so bad for you.

    I live in Nassau, and I hate it. The whole island is developed, full of people, it's impossible to drive anywhere on the island, and impossible to get off it. I compare it to living in a bottle, with NYC as the cork. I guess if you like cramped suburbs, you'll find it's OK. But I like a little breathing room, myself.

    Depending on where you're coming from, you might find the people a little rude, aggressive, etc. I'm always surprised when I travel to other parts of the country, and people are *friendly*.

    Lots of people like it though. To each her own.

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    You didn't mention your definition of affordable? The links below provide some info'.

    Without a budget of $700,000, minimum, I wouldn't move back to Nassau County. As one person mentioned, you need to be careful due to a high crime rate in some places. My home town is a safe place to live but, without $1,500,000+ to spend (?)..... north shore properties cost twice as much as south shore.

    The second link provded is New Hyde Park, NY where my family lived for two years - I believe most of this area is "safe". The first house listed is, I believe in a area named The Oaks which is the area we lived in. My parents paid $18,000, in 1948, for a house like this one!

    I suggest you open a few web windows with one of them a map of Long Island then open MLS for Nassau County, one for Suffolk and check Yahoo real estate listings. Google (for example): Franklin Square, NY, crime rate statistics.

    Suffolk County is a bit less expensive due to being not as close to NYC.

    Hope all goes well for you.

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    There are many nice places in Long Island. Specially Valley Stream, it is close to NYC and yet a suburban area.

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    your better off going to Suffolk county. Its a bit further but its less crowded. You get more land for your money then nassau. But be carefull with the really cheap areas, they may be in high crime areas. good luck

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