Richard Pepper?

I am looking for information on Richard Pepper Sr. born about 1715 unk where died Nov 21 1760 He married a Martha Alexander (her maiden name is Fox this is her first husbands name) They had one child Richard Pepper born 8-16-1742 in Virginia. I have found a few land deeds on Richard and a will but nothing that will get me closer to knowing who his parents are and where he was born. I have been stuck on this man for almost a year now. I havent the funds to drive to Virginia to try and dig further or I would. I know it was in Sussex Virginia near "Peppers Run". Any and all help is appreciated. I already have a membership to so please dont suggest it.


Yes I have searched surrey also

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    The question for Richard will be whether or not he is, in fact, the immigrant ancestor.

    I did a quick check for this name, and find a 1745 entry, but didn't pull it up. I'll let you play with that.

    The land grants (not the deeds) are so critical for this era, especially if you can determine that so and so was given land for someone's transport. I have several of those, although most of mine are a number of men with the same names, so still need to sort through. If your Richard was transported by someone else, that answers the question of place of birth. It wasn't VA.

    I was trying to think which set of books was the one I focused on.. this is it, and I should put this on my Christmas list.

    In all honesty.. most of my US work has been my ex hubby (for my kids side), and I don't think he has a line that wasn't in America by 1750. That's 25+ yrs of work.. and I believe if I can prove who the immigrant was, that's good enough for me. It is a real challenge to make the link to the parents, back in England (or wherever). Just my opinion..


    see note on this page.. you have worked Surry, right?

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    If, as Wendy suggests, Richard as an immigrant ancestor, IGI offers several possibilities for English births (and a few for VA which I think are speculative).

    The 2 that look most possible are the one in Howden, Yorkshire, and the one in Coventry.

    As you probably know, IGI records shouldn't be treated as proven fact, but at least it puts a couple of possibilities in the mix.

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    Sent you an Email, will try to dig up what I have! Just one of those dratted gen. hunches...may take me a while, but I may be of some assistance! If not, join my club "They were found under a cabbage leaf in the south garden"...sigh

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