viral bronchitis, now pain in back..related?

Hi everyone. I've been sick for over 2 weeks. Coughing a lot, lots of yellow/green mucous when I cough or blow my nose. When it first happened I actually tasted blood every time I coughed.. now I don't taste anything, not even food. I went in to the doc and he told me it was viral bronchitis and best thing to do is rest, if symptoms changed to go back in.

This morning at probably around 430 my cats woke me up and I got up to feed them. I had so much trouble getting a breath in, it felt like my lungs had caved in. After a few minutes I felt better went to sleep and didn't wake up until I had to. I felt fine in the house, got outside and as I walked to my car I felt a twinge in my back.. not too bad.. but after a bit of driving it progressed.. when I got to work it hurt so much with every breath, then to sit was impossible, I had to keep my back arched and still do now. Is this a symptom of viral bronchitis? I know for viral infections not much can be done.


Sorry couldn't type enough.

The pain is actually located more to the left in my back and it doesn't feel like a knot or anything in my back. I slept very last night, and I actually haven't coughed too badly the past day or so.. Seemed to be getting better except for all the yellow/green mucous which seems to be getting worse? I did notice that most of my symptoms are on the left. I had a swollen left lymph node in my neck, the green mucous comes out of my left nostril, the pain in my back is located more towards the left.. I don't know if this can just all be centralized like this or if it's just a random coincidence that it happened that way.

I just don't want to go back to the doctor again for nothing.

Thanks for any replies

Update 2:

I haven't been coughing badly the past few days. This morning, I hadn't coughed once before the pain.. The only thing was way early at 430 where I had to gasp for air. But I didnt cough then either.. It felt like something really cold sucked the air right out of my lungs. But beyond that, there wasn't anything else I can think of that could have caused it.. and I didn't get the pain until almost 4 hours after that. It does feel like it's my left lung, I had sharp pain at the lower end of my left lung in the front earlier today but it passed after about 20 minutes. I feel ok enough, I'm not eating much because I have no appetite but I feel ok? I just have pain, the mucous, sound like crap but I can't tell anymore because I've felt this way for so long now.. the cough is still around, every now and then.. I don't know.. I'm just wanting to make sure I don't go in for nothing because I know if it's viral, there is nothing but waiting to do.. And I feel like it's a waste of time if so.

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    You have a secondary infection if you are having these types of problems. Also back pain can indicate pneumonia, so you really should go back to the doctor and get on antibiotics.

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    You probably pulled a muscle in your back coughing. Or worse, you could have cracked a rib. I work with a lady who cracked her rib by coughing so hard. If the pain is not gone soon, I would head back to doctor.

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    Your back is probably having muscle spasms due to coughing.

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