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apple ipod classic (80 gb) , hanged or frozen !!?

i was listening to music when i plugged it into my computer, my ipod froze or hung, even the computer hunged a couple of times when i finally had to unplug and restart my computer.

later i pluged my ipod to it and tried to do a few things but my ipod is still the same . i also tried the follow the apple official guidelines but couldnt exactly know which one to follow !!!!!!!

im in deep trouble kindly help me with immediate techniques.

my ipod is just hung to one position !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Try resetting it. That will work for many problems your iPod has. I have a 5th generation 60GB iPod video, and to reset mine, you have to hold down the top of the clickwheel (MENU) and the middle button at the same time. Keep them pressed down until your iPod shuts off (should take several seconds) and begins to start up again. It can be difficult to hold both down at the same time, so I recommend using two hands.

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    Apple 80 GB iPod Classic.

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