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Do you need a "regular" vacuum if you have a "deep cleaner"?

(Can the deep cleaner be used without the water as a regular vacuum?)

Any thoughts on the following vacuums? I have a dog that sheds A LOT.

Dirt Devil Reaction All-Surface Cyclonic; Bissell ProHeat Turbo; Bissll ProHeat 2X; Bissell Lift-Off Pet; Hoover Mach 5 Multi-Chamber Cyclonic; Hoover WindTunnel Deluxe Dirt Finder; Hoover Empower; Hoover WindTunnel Supreme; Eureka Capture w/ Spinduster; Eureka Boss Capture Plus; Eureka Boss 4D SpinDuster; Eureka Boss 4D; Eureka Boss SmartVac Ultra HEPA Deluxe; Eureka Boss SmartVac Ultra HEPA

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think deep cleaners are designed to work with water and NOT used as an EVERYDAY vacuum....

    I would think that you would want a regular heavy duty vacuum to use on a daily basis...Especially, if you have a dog that sheds A LOT !

    If you are looking for "ratings" and "opinions" of good/great vacuums try looking on there they have TONS of opinions from regular people on all kinds of products/services.. That might help you MORE than Y/A !

    *I've owned acouple dirt devils in the past and I think they SUCK and not in a good way....

    Although, I don't see it listed- I have a HOOVER SAVVY it retails for around $200 and I absolutely LOVE it...

    *It's an upright bagless

    *Has onboard attachements for furniture,curtains,whatever, an extention wand and crevase tool

    *It has 3 carpet level selections for high, med, and low pile carpet..

    *It has a "push" assistance so it's not heavy/hard to push

    *It has a HEPA filter and an small little (?) filter

    *Wide width head with rotating brush/light

    *It has carpet/bare floors switch

    *The service center is close to my house

    However, the only thing(s) that I DO NOT like are:

    *The cord is short so I use it with an extention- prob. solved

    *The bagless feature can be messy- so I empty outside OR in the garage

    *I've had to have it repaired....- I got the extended service warranty so for an extra 3 yrs. coverage ($100) it's worth it ! I have an annual clean/check every 6 mnths. I just make up something is wrong and I get an almost brand new vacuum back !

    *The filter(s) are EXPENSIVE if you buy them from an authorized HOOVER dealer they are around $40 for just the HEPA which can be replaced about every 2 yrs.... OR get them both for around $35 from !

    Grab a recent CONSUMER REPORTS they usually have a pretty good vacuum ratings system... OH about 4 yrs. ago the HOOVER SAVVY rated as GOOD or BETTER than the DYSON....

    Good luck

  • 5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • Mary G
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Yes... you need a regular vacuum cleaner.... Get the best one you can afford. I love my Dyson, and have never regretted it...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hoover windtunnel surpreme.

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