Why don't Passover and Easter coincide this year?

Easter is March 23, Passover is about April 20. Since the crucifixion was at Passover time, why the four week split?

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    Easter uses the Gregorian Calendar. Passover uses the Jewish Calendar. Most of the time they are close. Sometimes like this year they disagree quite a bit.

    In 2008, Easter will be on Sunday, March 23.

    Catholics and most Protestants use the new Gregorian calendar decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 to calculate the date of Easter.

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    The time of Easter is based on the cycles of the moon, the equinox, and seasons and things in nature.

    In simple (?) terms Easter occurs on the first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox (the first day of spring).

    In 2008 the vernal equinox will be on Thursday, March 20. The first full moon after that will be Friday, March 21. Thus, Easter will be on Sunday, March 23.

    The earliest Easter can be is March 22 as it was last in 1818 and will be next in 2285.

    The latest Easter can be is April 25 as it was last in 1943 and will be next in 2038.

    With love in Christ.

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    Passover and Easter are immediately and theologically appropriate. each and every journey of the OT has that's fulfillment interior the NT. each and every journey interior the NT has that's prefiguring interior the OT. The Passover is the classic Hebrews launch from captivity in Egypt - which deliver approximately the beginning place of the OT and Judaism. Easter is the launch of all people who have self assurance interior the Messiah Jesus from Captivity in Sin; the beginning place of the NT and of Christianity. The Passover unearths that's fulfillment in Easter. Easter unearths that's prefiguring interior the Passover. Passover and Easter hardly, if ever, truthfully coincide precisely, yet there is the reason they happen interior close proximity.

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    Because you have 2 entirely different calendar systems. The Hebrew calendar is primarily a lunar calendar with solar corrections: it's fairly complicated, but basically, Passover happens on the same date every year, it is just that the Jewish calendar moves around relative to the commonly used one. More details at: http://www.jewfaq.org/calendar.htm

    For Easter, it was decided that it was important for it to always be on a Sunday (regardless of date) and they set up a mathematical algorithm to determine the date. However, they primarily base the date on the solar calendar, using some lunar correction. More details at: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/faq/docs/easter.php

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    Because Easter is the 1st Sunday after the 3rd full moon of the year.

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    Its the 1st sunday after the first full moon after the spring exinox, which is march 21st this year.

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    The demand for sales from Easter has proppeled it into the late march. Passover, however dosn't change like that. Also, Passover is on a lunar calendar while Easter is on a solar calendar.

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    O, so it has nothing to do with separating it from the Jewish Passover?!?

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    Because Christ never existed; the Bible is a plagiarism of Egyptian astrology written 3,000 years before Jesus was supposedly born. The story of him has been told hundreds of years before.his "birth".

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