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Stage version of sweeney todd Vs sweeney todd the movie ***SPOILERS***?

Have just watched the ending of the stage version of sweeney todd and just before toby kills sweeney, he opens his shirt button & exposes his neck and LETS him kill him! Maybe death was accepted from Toby in both the movie and stage version? What do you think?

Which ending, if you've seen both, is better? stage or movie?

Which one is best movie or musical?

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    In both versions Sweeney was aware of his fate and allowed it, but it was made much much clearer in the stage version (because you have to play to the last row and a widening of the eyes, like in the movie, wouldn't be enough to indicate that Sweeney was accepting of his inevitable slaughter by his own blade).

    I don't prefer one over the other. They were both appropriate for their respective mediums.

    Personally, I like the film better. Don't get me wrong, I DO enjoy the stage play, but the larger-than-life aspect of theater gets to me after a while. I enjoy the subtlety of film.

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    I liked the movie, but it could never equal Sondheim's original. The film necessarily abridged some of the songs, and cut out others altogether. The biggest loss, which I'm not convinced was necessary, was the chorus numbers, especially the Ballad of Sweeney Todd.

    Also, the stage version (especially when done in a fairly small setting) is a very intimate affair that is difficult to replicate on film.

    I'm pretty sure both the stage and screen versions at least suggest that Sweeney willingly submits to Toby and allows him to murder him. Very powerful.

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