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Help~~physics report

實驗~~~charging capacitor at a constant rate

1) How to keep the charging current in a capacitor constant??

2)State the sources of error and suggest improvements for this experiment.

3)Can a moving-coil voltmeter be used to replace the CRO in the experiment?

Explain briefly

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  • 天同
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    1 decade ago
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    As you have not given any description to your experiment, I could only provide you with answers in general.

    1. Normally, this could be achieved using a variable resistance connected in series with the charging circuit. By adjusting the variable resistance, the current in the circuit can be controlled.

    2. This depends very much on your experimental set up and method you used. Failing to have any information on these, I can only say that the main error in any capacitance experiment is due to the leakge of charge on the capacitor.

    3. Definitely no. The internal resistance of a moving-coil voltmeter is not as high as that of a CRO and this would introduce error to the measured result.

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