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    The oil price anabatic wind rises, the international original material

    price stays at a high level, solar energy and energy conservation

    concept stock no matter is short all is a sign for a long time which

    the market pursues.

    以上這是 " 油價飆漲、國際原物料價格居高不下,太陽能及節能概念股不論短中長期都是市場追逐的標的。" 之翻譯!

    Moreover, the kneading board race group after the plate entire long

    time, this year industrial prospect also by the foreign capital

    center, previous Friday already was started to meet lowly buys up the

    layout, a NB zero module stock, "Air" as well as ePC enters the

    selling well tide after the apple, the earning, will make a profit all

    gradually ferments.

    以上這是" 另外,面板族群在盤整已久後,今年的產業前景也被外資相中,上周五已經開始逢低買進佈局,NB零組件個股,在蘋果「Air」以及ePC進入熱銷潮之後,營收、獲利都將逐漸發酵。"


    Produces the stock part as for the biography, find mercies 新台幣

    the strong revaluation, has anti- passes swollens as well as

    guarantees the value function the property stock, also hopes to have

    the good performance; But the mainland snow disaster initiation

    reconstruction concept stock, steel price Yi Changnan falls, the BDI

    index upscale glides down from ten thousand to 6000., related shipping

    sector and so on, also all is the sector which may pay attention.

    以上是" 至於傳產股部份,受惠新台幣強勁升值,具有抗通膨以及保值功能的資產股,也可望有不錯的表現;而大陸雪災引發的重建概念股,鋼品價格易漲難跌、BDI指數從萬點高檔下滑到六千多點,相關航運類股等等,也都是可以留意的類股。" 的翻譯!

    大致上就醬子~ 可以參考參考!

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