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Why is Hillary talking about Obama being offered an extra pillow?

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    Bc she is getting desperate and her writers are not advising her wisely. As far as the speaking first goes, that was ridiculous. Some of her behavior plays into the unfair stereotypes that people have about women. That was petty and stupid. PLUS, as I recall Clinton got the last word in the last debate and that allowed her to give her disingenuous "Kum bah Ya" speech.

    Further, since she and Obama's policies are so similar, it is really to her advantage to speak first. On most things Obama will be forced to agree with her or only expand upon we she has already said. She and her, "I'm a fighter" rhetoric is way to reminiscent of Bush who wants to fight every damned one.

    Finally, that whole business about having a woman in the Whitehouse would make things different was unfair. If Barack had said that having a Black/White man in the Whitehouse things would be different there would be outrage. She can't have it both ways. She can't run as a woman candidate and tell us to ignore her stereotypically "female" behavior.

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    actually the truth is that barack obama currently pays for more advertisement on corporate media networks like CNN and MSNBC so they obviously have a huge bias and just love obama and hate hillary even though are supposed to have no opinion.

    she was just hinting about how much CNN and MSNBC treat him so well and her so unfairly.

    next time you watch a debate, watch that the question always start with hillary and obama always gets the last word, that is controlled by again the corporate media who just love obama because he just pays them SOOO MUCH

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    SNL seems to be supporting Obama more with their skits. But Tina Fey was definitely supporting Hillary the other day when she said that "the new black is *****".

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    i think she wants to marry him if she doesnot become the democrat representative she has an addiction of being called the first lady

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    She is sick by being the last in line she doesn't what to do.

    She is an inconsistent candidate

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    BCUZ SHE HAS LOST MOMENTUM and she tryn to steal it back anyway she can not working huh

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    hell yeah another star for being hot Jee!

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    you are hot you get a star

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    Honestly, I am afraid she has just plain snapped


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