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Why do ppl ignore the One Drop Rule?

The one-drop rule is an historical colloquial term in the United States that holds that a person with any trace of sub-Saharan ancestry (however small or invisible) cannot be considered white and so unless the person has an alternative non-white ancestry that he or she can claim, such as Native American, Asian, Arab, Australian aboriginal, the person must be considered black.

This notion of invisible/intangible membership in a "racial" group has seldom been applied to people of Native American ancestry. The concept has been largely applied to those of black African ancestry. As Langston Hughes wrote, "You see, unfortunately, I am not black. There are lots of different kinds of blood in our family. But here in the United States, the word 'N.e.g.r.o' is used to mean anyone who has any N.e.g.r.o blood at all in his veins. In Africa, the word is more pure. It means all N.e.g.r.o, therefore black. I am brown."

That is why Obama is called black & not biracial in mainstream America.

Update 2:


The link is to so it's obvisouly NOT a rule I made some research.

Update 3:

Again...I didn't make the rule, I don't agree with it but that does NOT mean it doesn't exist..reality over perception ppl

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  • James
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    Because we have grown beyond such superficial distinctions (at least some of us have).

    Although there is nothing wrong with an interest (or even some pride) in whomever your ancestors were and where they came from - there is a not so subtle line that gets crossed when someone judges their ancestry as being somehow superior to others.

    How you self-identify culturally is your own choice. In a world increasingly open to diversity, there are more and more individuals who's ancestry spans multiple continents, and can pick and choose what parts of their families past to embrace - or even if they want to chart their own separate path. There has been a learning curve - multiracial individuals in the past have sometimes struggled with their sense of identity. I believe that with increased tolerance people will be more open to finding their own sense of identity without as much societal stereotypical baggage as there was in the past.

    Obama is running for president of all Americans. The fact that he would be the first president with brown skin (however you classify his ethnicity) would merely be a bonus.

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    The entire idea is ridiculous, yes? It's from the idea that one drop of non-white "taints" the whiteness. It's great evidence that latent racism is alive and well in American society. Biracial people don't even get the decency of defining themselves -- some person as white as I am looks at them and tells them that they're black. Never mind that there is no biological basis for race.

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    People ignore the one-drop rule because there are millions of white Americans who have black ancestry.

    Black people who look white have been passing over into white society for generations.

    If we had to trace everyone's family trees back to prove the one-drop rule, it would be too time consuming.

  • adamek
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    3 years ago

    Why does the only drop rule in basic terms prepare to blacks, if one drop of African blood makes you black then shouldn't one drop of ecu blood make you white? And greater significant, why the hell can we even care?

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    Maybe cause he LOOKS black

    but he says his mother was WHITE

    he says his father was from Kenya

    his latest TV ad on health care... shows his mom holding him

    as a baby(and he looks black-she looks white)

    Why is this a concern?

    I think... mainstream say BLACK... cause he looks BLack.

    biracial...too many syllables

  • Anonymous
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    Is this some kind of law or something that holds til this day, or is it just in your own mind?

    The vast majority of whites of this day do not accept that as truth either

    You people here are too focuseed on race. So many ppl are eager to cry out racism if someone questions Obama...Just scary..

    Edit:Try reading what I said..I never claimed that you "made it up" but you act like it really has any meaning today. Most people arent going around with microscopes or what not, you get my analogy, to try and determine who is part black and who isnt

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is because obama looks black and ths is a country based on appearances. The chirality of your statement is the multifold advantage some blacks feel that they have due to passing ~embeded in whitness theory.


    Toi Derricotte

    William Craft

    Nella Larsen

  • Percy
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    1 decade ago

    Two drop rule:

    1. Dick Cheney is his cousin on this mothers side.

    2. Ordinga the opposition leader in Kenya responsible for the violence is Barack Hussein's cousin on his father's side.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People like you is what fuels racism......the one drop rule is a bunch of bs. they are just as much as whatever else is in them.Evidendenly you are not smart enough to do the simple math required to realize this. you racist

    I think it is so funny how blacks are so worried about claiming Obama as "one of there own" with this one drop rule. Face it Obama racist, their is not goning to be a "black president" in 2008 because he is not black and hes not going to win.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Were all black baby... some of us have just been out of the sun a little longer.

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