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NBA standings?

Current Utah's GB is 4, but in Western Conference's standings it's ranked higher than several teams that have performed better than Jazz. Hornets' PCT is higher than Utah's and GB is lower but they're lower-ranked. What is the logic behind it?.

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    because the top team in each division gets a top 3 spot

    lakers and suns r tied 4 first in there division

    San Antonio is first in there division

    Utah is first in there division

    so theres ure top 4

    ex. dallas and NO arent the division leaders and the jazz r so the jazz come first

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    The Division leader has to have at least a top 4 seed. The Lakers are on top the Pacific Division, San Antonio on top the Southwest and the Utah Jazz is the leader of the Northwest Division which makes them the 4th seed because of their Win-Loss record. But this doesn't guarantee them home-court advantage in the Playoffs. It depends on the record.

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    The divisions gotta go they mess up the playoff seedings. Utah has more losses than all 7 seeds

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    Yes its unfair and no point to it but the NBA suits teams like the NFl by the Division Leaders first and then the rest of the pack.

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    jake lakers are 2 games ahead the suns for pacific division so their not tied ..

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