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Pronouncing "Vihuela"?

How do you pronounce "vihuela"?


For vihuela I meant the guitar type, so it should be spanish.

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    It depends on which language it comes from.

    Is the original word: Scandinavian, Slavic, Farsi, Japanese, Polynesian, Hindi, French, etc.?

    The standard conventions for converting sounds into English are different for different languages -- especially those that use a different alphabet!

    If it comes from Spanish, it may even start with a "B" sound.

    How about: wee-oo-Ā'-la?


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    Something like "Vee-whey-lah" Listen to this file at YAKiToMe! that I made for you:

    Source(s): YAKiToMe!
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    Vih- hway- lah ( phonetically)

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