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Do you think a LAW should be in place to ban papparazzi?

the law would be that they can only attend award shows (like the oscars for example) and movie premieres. No more of this in-your-face everyplace BS.

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    There is a 1st amendment right to free speech, but my rights end when they infringe on yours. As with any good thing, too much abuse can ruin it for everyone else.

    They do need to be held accountable for their behavior when it's disruptive or intrusive.

    "Reporters" are s'posed to Observe and report on events, not create or manipulate them. anytime a "reporters" behavior influences or interferes with a situation he's wrong and should be held accountable.

    Do they need new laws just for them or would enforcing the same laws that apply to me suffice?. If I trespassed on a rich persons property and harassed them, I'd be arrested quick fast and in a hurry. If I was harassing anybody even in public, I'd be arrested.

    Once a Princess Dianna like incident happens here, you'll see stricter enforcement of existing laws. Once enough "Papps" (good work I like that) get arrested and fined, the bunch of them will begin to simmer down a little.

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    You could get such a law made. Try to enforce it. Papparazzi will drag anyone through the courts claiming they are the victim as loudly as possible for any reason. They are trash diggers and low life slimeballs, they will chase after anything that gets them a shot which makes them money.

    Now if you want to have fun and make some money, go to California and start a business that does accidents to papp's on demand. Cost, say $10,000 / papp + extras depending on location & circumstance. Be prepared for lots of court time, but to see these idiots get what they so richly deserve (make sure to ruin their cameras & steal the film/memory cards everytime), this is the ultimate reward.

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    I don't think there should be any laws for what the papparazzi do. It's unfortunate what these stars have to go through, but the papparazzi have rights as well. As long as there is no physical contact, but I do believe, morally, they should give some space for the stars. I would be annoyed having cameras all up on me.

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    I'm not one to sympathize with celebrities often, but people can file restraining orders against people who are much tamer in their stalking, so it makes sense that a local law could be put in place to rein in the industry as a whole (from what I've heard, they get in accidents, harass people and park in handicapped spots to get their pictures). I doubt the same kind of behavior would be tolerated by DC politicians.

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    Yes....there should be laws that keep them from following celebs home, stalking them, spying on them, etc. What happens in plain, public view is a different story, but so many stalk the celebs it's not even funny. I would say to make it to where they are allowed photos in public areas ONLY, not when the celebs are on/in private property, thing includes not only their home but their cars, boats, anything that belongs to them, basicly, anything that is not public property.

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    No !!! A person should have the absolute right to record anything that happens in plain sight!! How else are reporters going to report and abuses by police and others going to be recorded? Next they would ban cameras on cell phones.

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    Yes, I think there should be universal laws to ban paparazzis'

    harrasments. What they do is absolutely outrageous.

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    NO - BUT u should be able to shoot the MFK'ers.

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