The Kurds in Turkey?

Well I have a project on the Persecution of the Kurds, and I basically put Saddam Hussein gassing the kurds, etc, Halabja (A massacre). But then when I looked up for the Kurds in Turkey, its kind of confusing. I mean I understood it, but I have some questions. How are some ways (Really cruel, like killing for instance) that the Turks are persecuting the Kurds by (besides depriving them from their own language etc), can you give me any exact dates or name of a massacre, or even that occured with the Turks and the Kurds. Thank you, Please be accurate because I have to submit this is to the Teacher. If you are able to find a website PLEASE....THANK YOU.

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    I have not much knowledge but still what I know I just want to tell you that Kurdistan was the independident state between or tuching the borders of Iran and Iraq and earlier the fight was between Iran and Iraq during seveties or earlier the river sat-al-arab was also disputed and Shah Iran also purchased F-16 war ships to fight Iraq and further you can take the help of both countries cultural centres which give the true picture.

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