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What foods help relax or curb involuntary muscle spasms?

I experience involuntary muscles spasms that last about 10-15 seconds, make my face scrunch up, and my arm and leg muscles tighten. As a child, I took phenobarbital to control them, but I now choose not to use it. For long periods I don't have any problems, then they act up for several weeks before almost disappearing again.

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    As a child then, you were diagnosed with a seizure disorder. You should really get back on medication. Maybe something less sedating if that is an unpleasant side effect of the phenobarbital.

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    Yeah! I took topamax (i known because it dopeamax, it screwed me up!) for about 2 months, it grow to be the worst time of my existence... My knees, and hips harm all the time as though my bones have been going to interrupt. I felt out of it. I had memory issues. i might experience like my face had static on it, or like it grow to be numb, itching, tingling, my lips might twitch additionally. My imaginative and prescient might flow blurry, identity fall ill throw up my nutrition, no longer something tasted good. I have been given extra migraines. i had terrible temper swings and crying spells. i grow to be purely on 100mg. Do your self a want slowly ween your self off of it and attempt taking something else. superb of success!

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