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Big name unsigned- part II?

this is insane. unproven fukudome got 48 million, so did mediocre carlos silva, even tomko got 3 million

Catcher: sandy alomar, paul bako, and kelly stinnet are competent back-up catchers

Damian miller can still start and his bat ain’t shabby for a catcher either

DH: sammy sosa: decent pinch-hitter, semi-regular player

Mike piazza: can still rake plus can play catcher every now and then

SP: kyle lohse: he’s probably better than carlos silva who got 48 million. hell even tomko got 3 million

Freddy Garcia can still be an ace

Jeff weaver, Rodrigo lopez, tony armas, eric Milton, russ Ortiz, aaron sele, nd john Thomson can be stop-gap starters and competent long relievers

RP: Armando benitez/bob wickman: can still close or at least set-up. Not that worse than Francisco cordero who got 46 mil

Ray king/ron villone: decent situational lefty

Antonio alfonesca: notched 8 saves last season. You can do worse

Jay witasick: had a down-season, but a solid option in the bullpen. Might even consider him as a set-up man

Jose mesa: who knows? Might bounce back. Todd jones probably has worse stuff

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    first of all, huge fan of Sosa....Bonds and Piazza unsigned is ludicrous Don't worry about Lohse, he'll be fine...He'll be inundated with offers very soon....Milton and Russ Ortiz should be okay, too. Did you say Garcia can STILL be an ACE??? When was the last time he WAS an ace......leave the Kool Aid alone, dude. Witasick???Doesn't he still have whiplash from giving up 10 straight hits to the Diamondbacks

    in the 2001 World Series, with that flat, non-moving slider??Even Randy Johnson ripped his ti**ies. There was actually a fight at the bat rack......The funniest thing is that my team was in Florida for a tournament during the series with the Diamondbacks, and we were watching the game on the t.v. in the bar where we were staying. While watching him warm up, we began to say it didn't look good for the Yankees, that he was gonna get ripped,etc.... this girl asked how we knew, and we told her that he used to pitch for our semi-pro team, but had to let him go, kept getting lit up with the flat slider. We looked like geniuses....Or maybe his elbow is still sore from getting a line drive SMOKED off of it, versus the Angels in the '02 series.......

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    Sammy Sosa is the biggest unsigned name. A bat like that still out there on the market. He has the potential to come back hot and hit 30+ HR even. I like Sosa over everyone.

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    properly, maximum of those adult men will make 11th or 12th guy at suitable and are unsigned specifically with the aid of fact of their age. P.J. Brown - He can nevertheless play constrained minutes, he can nevertheless rebound. Lindsey Hunter - Pistons would desire to provide up him, he's mulling over retirement although. Sam Cassell - he's not a starter anymore yet he can nevertheless play backup. Darrell Armstrong - 07-08 became into meant to be his final season, perhaps he play yet another 12 months? Robert Horry - Had an extremely undesirable season final 12 months, Houston would desire to sign him as an insurance insurance. Damon Stoudamire - nevertheless a solid shooter and extremely solid element shelter yet, this one i'm clueless on why he's unsigned. Juwan Howard - returned he would desire to be signed as an insurance insurance in case of injury yet his days on a communities universal rotation are completed. Dikembe Mutombo - he's 40 two and nevertheless in the suitable 10 centers in the league, he would desire to be signed. Derek Anderson - he's a lot slower than he was once, yet he can nevertheless knock down the three. He nevertheless would get picked up. Eric Piatkowski - Phoenix has saved him around for an emergency shooter in case they lose bell or Barbosa to injury, it is on no account took place so Eric on no account performs. we will would desire to attend until the practise camps start up. as quickly as communities start up reducing gamers that are no longer solid sufficient, they'll seem to those adult men on your record. they have journey, so as that they have the better hand.

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    Sammy Sosa is the best player there

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