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Lois & Clark fans: Which episodes would be perfect for a L&C tribute, to the song "Of Tomorrow Never Comes"?


Sorry. IF Tomorrow Never Comes!

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    Season 1, Episode 11: Honeymoon in Metropolis

    Original Air Date: 12 December 1993

    Lois Lane takes a vacation and happens to spy a congressman possibly making a dirty deal involving a top secret government project. Back at the Daily Planet, Perry White decides to send his two best reporters to keep spying. The catch, however, is that Lois and Clark has to pretend to be a newly married couple during their stay at the luxurious hotel. While on the story, they experience what it is like to live with someone else

    Season 3, Episode 1: We Have a Lot to Talk About

    Original Air Date: 17 September 1995

    Clark asks Lois to marry him. Lois asks "Who's asking Clark or (taking his glasses off) Superman. The secret is out. Lois tells Clark that she figured out his dual identity when he caressed her face the night before. How mad was she? Lois tells Clark she wasn't mad, she was hurt. But then, the more she thinks about it the more she realizes she was mad. Clark tries to explain his reasons for keeping his secret and Lois says she understands but then tells him that he made her think he was two people by lying to her. They hear someone calling for help and Lois tells Clark to go. Clark spins into his alter ego for the first time in front of Lois who is more than a little impressed. They find out that Bill Church has organized a group called The Church Group who are there to make Metropolis the safest city. Superman says he wants to check the city but not if Lois is mad. She tells him that it was easier talking to Clark and he tells her that she still is. Lois isn't sure. He again shows her the ring and Lois tells him that she can't...yet. She needs time. Superman is hurt and they argue. Superman takes off. Meanwhile, Bill Church, Sr. introduces his new wife Mindy to his son and tells Bill, Jr about his plans to dismantle Intergang. He wants to spend most of his fortune on The Church Group. He also wants to buy up fine art to give his CostMart shoppers culture along with their shopping experience. Mindy and Bill, Jr have other ideas. The following morning Lois tries to kiss Clark but he pulls back and acts very cool towards her. They meet at CostMart to interview Bill Sr., they argue again and spend the entire interview wallowing. Mindy asks if they're a thing...not a happy thing. Lois asks Clark when he was going to tell her about his alter ego. Clark tells her he needed to know if she would marry just Clark. They'll never know now. Clark's parents notice how upset he is and make an emergency trip to Metropolis. Jonathan tells Clark that Martha turned him down twice because she wasn't sure. Martha goes to see Lois and tells Lois that Clark has always been alone and never fit in. Lois tells Martha that she loves Clark but needs time. Martha tells Lois that it's so wonderful to be able to talk to another woman about her son. Lois and Clark meet at a party at CostMart and decide that they need to talk. Clark x-rays the area and finds the bomb that Mindy and Bill, Jr planted to set up Bill, Sr and get him out of the way but Superman can't move because his dense molecular structure set off the sensors. Lois slips under the table and with Clark's help defuses the bomb. They kiss. Mindy had double-crossed both her husband and step-son and was now the new head of Intergang. Superman takes Lois above the clouds and tells her that he'll wait as long as she needs. Lois tells him that she loves him and that he's no longer alone. They kiss and float higher in the sky.

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