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what if they lowered the gas prices to $2.25 a gallon all across the Nation~??!!?

wouldn't that be a big relief to everyone, like a stimilus, effecting everyone accross the board~??!!!

prices for airlines, transportation, farming, food, just about everything, plus we would have more in our pockets to spend and save to liven up the economy~!!!

this way it wouldnt matter if you were rich, or poor, or middle class~!!!

no racial issues, no age or gender issues, everyone gets a piece of the pie~!!!

well what do you all think~??!!

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    A relief in the short term..until the ''shortages''emerged,the oil companies would not allow it to continue. They would simply divert a portion of what would've come here to a market where there were no price controls.

    Corporations have stockholders,they expect gains on their investments,not break even or losses.A company whose stockholders are not 'happy' with their dividends will find themselves out of business in short order.

    The taxes are onerous,they account for most of the price per gallon...govt regulation is choking our ability to develope sources here in the US,the whacko enviromentalists impede oil companies at almost every turn.Just recently here in New Mexico,the state has enacted regulations that increase the cost of exploration and drilling,adding an estimated $300,000 to $500,000 per well.''To protect the land,or to preserve the land''.That is ''out of pocket'' expenses for the companies..they naturally pass that cost on to the consumer.

    It's your ''green'' neighbor and their 'special interest' lobbies that are ultimately responsible.Kill their influence and prices will drop dramatically.

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    There are two ways to do that.

    One is to do it by force, the government simply passes a law mandating that gas will be $2.25 everywhere and not a penny more. What will happen is that the oil companies will sell us all the gas they can provide at that price without losing money. This will be considerably less than what they sell today, resulting in shortages, gas lines, rationing, and a black market.

    The other is to restore the value of our currency by reducing the money that is being created and buying up our treasuries. To do this the government will have to cut spending and quit supplying excess cash to the economy. This will give us a serious recession for a couple years, with unemployment and high interest rates.

    So those are your choices.

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    It would be a start. The other would be to have the oil companies stop trying to hand us the same old tired lines about having to reformulate the gas for summer Winter Heating fuel etc. They have been in the bussiness for eons & should know by now how do do what they need to do & when without it causeing a diruption in the supply of gas. When they Have plenty of crude oil they use the excuse that they have to do reapairs to the rrefinerys or there are not enough of them. BS. Same thinhg for the price of Deisel fuel Deisil is one of the easiest fuels for a refinerey to produce & used to be about the cheapest priced of all at the Filling Station There is absolutly no excuse for this. IOf you take a look at the oil companies profits just about every year since Bush took power the oil indusrty has had record profits. I am sick of the oil compay excuses for high gas prices . & I want our govermment to start holding them accountable for what b.s. they have been pulling on us. If they are haveing the problems they claim every time they raise prices They should not be setting record profits every year as the money they made from price increases would be getting invested into taking care of these problems. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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    Well first,

    Who is they ?

    The gasoline companies, couldn't lower gas prices that much if they wanted to.

    They have to buy oil from other countries at $100.00 a barrel.

    Thats $2.63 a gallon, just for the raw crude oil,

    Not counting the expense of shipping it to america and refining it into gasoline.

    2. I don't know why some of these posters think gas prices were $1.00 a gallon when Clinton left office.

    In Janurary 2001, the average cost of gasoline was $1.78 a gallon in the US.

    That was 78% more than it was just two years earlier.

    Now just imagine that,

    Gasoline prices increased 78% the last two years of the Clinton administration.

    But only 68% during the 7 years of the Bush administration.

    How soon people seem to forget.

    And for those who will say im lying, without even checking,

    I included a CNN link about gasoline prices in Janurary 2001.

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    yes and no. i currently drive 104 miles round trip to and from work 5 days a week. truthfully the increase in gas prices has had little effect on even someone like me, however my mindset and my perceived ability to spend money on other things has been cut drastically. I do see 3 dollars a gallon and stop spending while I see 2 fiftety and spend like crazy. Economically it would be great to artificially cut gas prices , but who has the power or desire to do that, and will it further the time we remain dependent on oil. I'm with you, lower the prices, but don't forget the reasoning behind their current price levels.

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    I don't thin they are ever going to lower the price back down to something reasonable because we are willing to pay the high prices now. What choice do we have. The media tells us to car pool to save money and protest, but no one really wants to carpool. No one is going to tell there kids they can't be in after school activities because mommy can't afford to give them a ride to practice. We are pretty much screwed.

    I think lower gas prices would really help the recession everyone is worried about hitting now, but I don't look for a dramatic change in the price ever happening.

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    If the gov. put price controls on gas or oil; there will be the gas shortages of the 70's. Oil companies will stop producing at a high enough rate because they could not afford to produce it. Now if the market decides to move that low, that would be fantastic.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If we lowered gas prices ,then the ceos in the oil companies would have to sell one of their big homes ,or even worse,have to give up their suv;s and live like the working class, living week to week.

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    no, people would just drive more.. which exaburates the oil shortange problem

    also i think yo8ur misinformed if you think the gas tax is a fair and equal tax... think of it this way..

    a poor man might pay 30% of his income on gasoline

    a middle class person may spend 10% of their income on gasoline

    but a rich person spends basically nothing.. on gasoline.

    so taxes on gasoline.. are felt dis proportionatly based on income. gas taxes bones lower paid workers. and have virtually no effect on wealthy people.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would still be $1 more than when Bush took office. The sad thing is, if it went down many of the things that have gone up in price because of the price of gas, would not go down again. The companies would just keep the extra profit. Bush has ruined our economy.

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