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    You labor and deliver in the warm bath tub (usually at the hospital). The Dr who visited our birthing class said The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend this anymore. They say laboring in the tub is good but because of near drownings of infants they do NOT recommend delivering there.

    EDIT: I looked up... American Academy of Pediatrics water birth. I found the article the above mentioned Dr had referenced. It speaks specifically of 4 known cases. It also stated that there needs to be more research before they can make any of the claims that it is better for the mother or the baby...

    It also specifically states that hospitals have a responsibility to tell people both sides... This was published in August 2007. So maybe some hospital web sites should be updated.

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    A water birth is when you go to a birthing center and give birth in a pool like tub. It lessens the pain and it is really cool because either you can help pull your baby out or someone that you would like can pull the baby out. If you want to do a water birth then you should tell your doctor the next time that you visit so that you can get a place and things. Because if you want to late then you will have to have your baby normal. OH and congrats. on the baby

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    Babies do not drown in waterbirth because they are still receiving oxygen through the umbilical cord. Here is a quote directly from my hospital's website.

    "One common question is "doesn't the baby try to breathe under water?" Actually, babies start breathing when they feel the cool, dry air. The baby goes from the fluid in the womb, into the warm water of the tub. The baby is then gently brought out of the water. The mother can hold the baby immediately. After being brought out of the water, the baby takes a first breath of air. The umbilical cord is still attached and the baby continues to get oxygen through the cord. "

    Again, from their website the benefits for baby and mom:

    "Many women who've chosen waterbirth have experienced the following benefits:

    A birth that's as safe as a "land" birth

    Reduced pain and increased support to tense muscles

    Increased comfort and relaxation

    Decreased adrenaline production, allowing for a shorter labor

    Easier to move during labor and delivery

    Reduced pressure on the abdomen, better blood circulation and more oxygen to the mother and baby due to the buoyancy of the water

    Increased sense of independence, power and autonomy during labor and delivery

    Reduced need for medical intervention and pain medication

    Reduced rate of Cesarean section

    Reduced rate of episiotomy, as water relaxes the pelvic floor muscles

    Father/partner may take a more active role in the birth experience

    Advantages for baby:

    An easier, more gentle transition from mother's womb to an external "womb" of water that is weightless, warm, wet and soft

    Decreased trauma at birth

    More blood flow to the baby due to better circulation of the mother

    Baby isn't stimulated to induce breathing, which results in less crying after birth and a calmer, more alert state

    Bacteria is dissipated in the water, reducing the risk of infection to the baby

    Cord cutting after birth is delayed until it stops pulsating, allowing a continuous oxygen flow to baby

    Moms have reported better initial breastfeeding"

    Some women cannot have a waterbirth. Basically if you are not having a normal pregnancy, have multiples, are preterm, do not have hypertension, or placental problems, you most likely could have a water birth if it was available in your area.

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    you give birth in a large bath tub, its supose to be less stressful on the baby because it is going from water to water

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    you would have the baby in a bathtub, filled with warm water, so the baby won't go into shock, some say it's easier, some don't. But for more info. google it, hope this helped

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    You give birth in a bathtub. Google it.

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